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Unlocking a Replication Encrypted Dataset or Zvol

Unlocking a Replicated Encrypted Dataset or Zvol Without a Passphrase

TrueNAS SCALE users should either replicate the dataset/Zvol without properties to disable encryption at the remote end or construct a special JSON manifest to unlock each child dataset/zvol with a unique key.

Method 1: Construct JSON Manifest.

  1. Replicate every encrypted dataset you want to replicate with properties.

  2. Export key for every child dataset that has a unique key.

  3. For each child dataset construct a proper json with poolname/datasetname of the destination system and key from the source system like this: {"tank/share01": "57112db4be777d93fa7b76138a68b790d46d6858569bf9d13e32eb9fda72146b"}

  4. Save this file with the extension .json.

  5. On the remote system, unlock the dataset(s) using properly constructed json files.

Method 2: Replicate Encrypted Dataset/zvol Without Properties.

Uncheck properties when replicating so that the destination dataset is not encrypted on the remote side and does not require a key to unlock.

  1. Go to Data Protection and click ADD in the Replication Tasks window.

  2. Click Advanced Replication Creation.

  3. Fill out the form as needed and make sure Include Dataset Properties is NOT checked.

  4. Click Save.

Method 3: Replicate Key Encrypted Dataset/zvol.

  1. Go to Datasets on the system you are replicating from. Select the dataset encrypted with a key, then click Export Key on the ZFS Encryption widget to export the key for the dataset.

  2. Apply the JSON key file or key code to the dataset on the system you replicated the dataset to.

    Option 1: Download the key file and open it in a text editor. Change the pool name/dataset part of the string to the pool name/dataset for the receiving system. For example, replicating from tank1/dataset1 on the replicate-from system to tank2/dataset2 on the replicate-to system.

    Option 2: Copy the key code provided in the Key for dataset window.

  3. On the system receiving the replicated pool/dataset, select the receiving dataset and click Unlock.

  4. Unlock the dataset. Either clear the Unlock with Key file checkbox, paste the key code into the Dataset Key field (if there is a space character at the end of the key, delete the space), or select the downloaded Key file that you edited.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Continue.