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Cloud Sync Tasks

  1 minute read.

Last Modified 2022-08-31 09:31 EDT

Article Summaries

  • Adding Cloud Sync Tasks
  • This article provides instructions to add a cloud sync task, configure environment variables, run an unscheduled sync task, create a copy of a task with a reversed transfer mode, and troubleshoot common issues with some cloud storage providers.

    • Backing Up Google Drive to TrueNAS SCALE
    • This article provides instructions on adding Google Drives cloud credentials using **Add Cloud Credentials** and **Add Cloud Sync Task** screens. It also provides information on working with Google-created content.

      • Adding a Storj Cloud Sync Task
      • This article provides instructions on how to set up an Storj cloud sync task, and how to configure a Storj-TrueNAS account to work with SCALE cloud credentials and cloud sync tasks.