Data Protection

The Data Protection section allows users to set up multiple reduntant tasks that will protect and/or backup data in case of drive failure.

Scrub Tasks and S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) Tests can provide early disk failure alerts by identifying data integrity problems and detecting various indicators of drive reliability.

Cloud Sync, Periodic Snapshot, Rsync, and Replication Tasks, provide backup storage for data and allow users to revert the system to a previous configuration or point in time.


  • Managing Scrub Tasks: Provides instruction on running scrub and resilver tasks.

    • Cloud Sync Tasks: Tutorials for configuring and managing data backups to from TrueNAS to various 3rd party Cloud Service Providers.

      • Adding Cloud Sync Tasks: Provides instructions to add a cloud sync task, configure environment variables, run an unscheduled sync task, create a copy of a task with a reversed transfer mode, and troubleshoot common issues with some cloud storage providers.

      • Backing Up Google Drive to TrueNAS SCALE: Provides instructions on adding Google Drive cloud credentials using the Add Cloud Credentials and Add Cloud Sync Task screens. It also provides information on working with Google-created content.

      • Adding a Storj Cloud Sync Task: Provides instructions on how to set up a Storj cloud sync task and how to configure a Storj-TrueNAS account to work with SCALE cloud credentials and cloud sync tasks.

      • Adding a Google Photos Cloud Sync Task: Provides instructions on how to set up Google Photos API credentials and use them to create a cloud sync task.

    • Configuring Rsync Tasks: Provides instructions on adding rsync tasks using either of two methods, one using an rsync module created in TrueNAS and the other using an SSH connection.

      • Adding Periodic Snapshot Tasks: Provides instructions on creating periodic snapshot tasks in TrueNAS SCALE.

        • Creating VMWare Snapshots: Provides instructions for creating ZFS snapshots when using TrueNAS as a VMWare datastore.

          • Managing S.M.A.R.T. Tests: Provides instructions on running S.M.A.R.T. tests manually or automatically, using Shell to view the list of tests, and configuring the S.M.A.R.T. test service.

            • Replication Tasks: Tutorials for configuring ZFS snapshot replication tasks in TrueNAS SCALE.