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Adding ACME DNS-Authenticators

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Last Modified 2023-03-20 10:07 EDT

Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) DNS authenticators allow users to automate certificate issuing and renewal. The user must verify ownership of the domain before TrueNAS allows certificate automation.

ACME DNS is an advanced feature intended for network administrators or AWS professionals. Misconfiguring ACME DNS can prevent you from accessing TrueNAS.

The system requires an ACME DNS Authenticator and CSR to configure ACME certificate automation.

To add an authenticator,

Click Add on the ACME DNS-Authenticator widget to open the Add DNS Authenticator screen.

Enter a name, and select the authenticator you want to configure. The selection changes the screen settings.

If you select Cloudflare as the authenticator, you must enter your Cloudflare account email address, API key, and API token.

If you select Route53 as the authenticator, you must enter your Route53 Access key ID and secret access key.

Click Save to add the authenticator.

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