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Community Tutorials

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Last Modified 2022-11-09 16:42 EST

Because TrueNAS is both Open Source and complicated, the massive user community often creates tutorials for very specific hardware or use cases. User-created tutorials are available in this location, but be aware these are provided “as-is” and are not officially supported by iXsystems, Inc.

Article Summaries

  • Hardened Backup Repository for Veeam
  • Abstract This guide explains in details how to create a Hardened Backup Repository for VeeamBackup with TrueNAS Scale that means a repository that will survive to any remote attack. The main idea of this guide is the disabling of the webUI with an inititialisation script and a cron job to prevent remote deletion of the ZFS snapshots that guarantee data immutability. The key points are: Rely on ZFS snapshots to guarantee data immutability Reduce the surface of attack to the minimum When the setup is finished, disable all remote management interfaces Remote deletion of snapshots is impossible even if all the credentials are stolen.

    • Spotlight Support on a SCALE SMB Share
    • This article describes how to configure a SCALE SMB (Samba) share to support the Spotlight search API