TrueNAS SCALETrueNAS SCALE Nightly Development Documentation
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Using SCALE Catalogs

TrueNAS SCALE comes with a pre-built official catalog of iXsystems-approved apps that includes over 50 available applications.

Users can configure custom apps catalogs, although iXsystems does not directly support any non-official apps in a custom catalog.

TrueNAS uses outbound ports 80/443 to retrieve the TRUENAS catalog.

Managing Catalogs

To manage and add catalogs, click on the Manage Catalogs on the Discover screen to open the Catalogs screen.

Applications Discover Screen
Figure 1: Applications Discover Screen

Users can edit, refresh, delete, and view the summary of a catalog by clicking on a catalog to expand and show the options.

Edit opens the Edit Catalog screen where users can change the name SCALE uses to look up the catalog. You cannot change the name of the TRUENAS default catalog. You can change the trains from which the UI retrieves available applications for the catalog.

Apps Edit Catalog Screen
Figure 2: Apps Edit Catalog Screen

Refresh re-pulls the catalog from its repository and applies any updates.

Delete allows users to remove a catalog from the system. Users cannot delete the default TRUENAS catalog.

Summary lists all apps in the catalog and sorts them train, app, and version.

Users can filter the list by Train type (All, charts, or test), and by Status (All, Healthy, or Unhealthy).

Adding Catalogs

To add a catalog, click the Add Catalog button at the top right of on the Catalogs screen.

A warning dialog opens.

Add Catalog Warning
Figure 3: Add Catalog Warning

Click CONTINUE to open the Add Catalog screen.

Apps Add Catalog Screen
Figure 4: Apps Add Catalog Screen

Fill out the Add Catalog form. As an example, the data below to add the Truecharts catalog to SCALE.

Enter the name in Catalog Name, for example, type truecharts.

Leave the Force Create checkbox clear. Selecting this option allows adding a catalog to the system even if some trains are unhealthy, so this option is not recommended.

Select a valid git repository in Repository. For example, for TrueCharts.

Now select the train TrueNAS should use to retrieve available application information of the catalog. For example, select stable or incubator for the TrueCharts example.

Finally, enter the git repository branch TrueNAS should use for the catalog in Branch. For example, for TrueCharts, enter main.

Click Save.