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SCALE 22.12 Bluefin Release Notes

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Last Modified 2022-09-13 10:18 EDT

While the current version of TrueNAS SCALE receives maintenance updates, the next major version is in active development. This article collects various details about this upcoming major version: early release notes, developer notes, and how to help test the in-development version. This is a work in progress and details are added as development progresses on this SCALE release.

Early releases are intended for testing and early feedback purposes only. Do not use early release software for critical tasks.

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Software Lifecycle

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical UseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC4Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE6General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U17Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+8Larger SystemsSuitable for higher uptime deployments

The Software Status page shows the latest recommendations for using the various TrueNAS software releases.

SCALE Schedule

All release dates listed are tentative and are subject to change. The items in this list might not show every deadline or testing cycle that iXsystems uses to manage internal effort.

The progress and specific work is being tracked through tickets opened in Jira. If you have a feature suggestion or bug report, create a Jira account and file a ticket in the TrueNAS or TrueCommand projects. TrueNAS SCALE tickets are also tracked in the TrueNAS Jira Project.

VersionCheckpointScheduled Date
SCALE 22.12.BETA.1Code-freeze24 August 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.1Internal Testing Sprints29 August 2022 - 09 September 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.1Tag12 September 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.1Release13 September 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.2Code-freeze28 September 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.2Internal Testing Sprints03 October 2022 - 14 October 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.2Tag17 October 2022
SCALE 22.12.BETA.2Release18 October 2022
SCALE 22.12.RC.1Code-freeze26 October 2022
SCALE 22.12.RC.1Internal Testing Sprints31 October 2022 - 11 November 2022
SCALE 22.12.RC.1Tag14 November 2022
SCALE 22.12.RC.1Release15 November 2022
SCALE 22.12.0Code-freeze23 November 2022
SCALE 22.12.0Internal Testing Sprints24 November 2022 - 09 December 2022
SCALE 22.12.0Tag12 December 2022
SCALE 22.12.0Release13 December 2022
SCALE 22.12.1Code-freeze18 January 2023
SCALE 22.12.1Internal Testing Sprints19 January 2023 - 03 February 2023
SCALE 22.12.1Tag06 February 2023
SCALE 22.12.1Release07 February 2023

Obtaining the Release

To download an .iso file for installing SCALE Bluefin, go to and click Download. Manual update files are also available at this location.

To upgrade an existing SCALE install, log in to your SCALE web interface and go to System Settings > Update.

SCALE is developed as an appliance that uses specific Linux packages with each release. Attempting to update SCALE with apt or methods other than the SCALE web interface can result in a nonfunctional system.


September 13, 2022

TrueNAS SCALE 22.12-BETA.1 has been released and includes many new features and improved functionality. SCALE 22.12-Beta.1 features:

  • Redesign of Storage web UI including new dashboards for Storage, Pools, Dashboards, Devices and other storage related areas
  • Storj iX Cloud Sync backup solution now available.
  • Apps improvements including adding Storj to the official catalog and adding a default Apps catalog exclusive for Enterprise customers (SCALE 22.12-Beta.1)
  • STIG hardening through limiting web login and API access by restricting access for non-approved IP addresses and ranges. Additional STIG hardening through disabling root login access and tying user to API ACLs (target SCALE 22.12-Beta.2).
  • Enclosure management for all iXsystems platforms
  • Improved clustering over the Angelfish clustered SMB (aka Windows storage).

Additional feature in future Bluefin releases:

  • Applications improvements include:
    • Add bulk upgrade action for selected apps (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
    • Add new Apps widget (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
    • Add a better Apps directory (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
    • Improve and simplify the app installation process (22.12-RC.1)
  • FIPS validated SSL Module for SCALE Enterprise (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
  • Replacing gluster node API (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
  • FIPS 140-3 Level 1 Compliant Crypto Module for Enterprise Only using CorSSL module as a replacement for OpenSSL (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
  • Add disk count scalability that includes improved boot time (targe SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
  • Replacing nodes (target SCALE 22.12-RC.1)
  • High-Availability Active/Standby (target SCALE 22.12 release)
  • Improved TrueNAS feedback system (target SCALE 22.12 release)
  • Support for Enterprise and Pro license keys (target SCALE 22.12 release)

22.12-BETA.1 Change Log


New Feature

  • NAS-117909 Branch out for 22.12 BETA1
  • NAS-117820 Hide unused resources card
  • NAS-117813 Improve indication for which apps use dataset
  • NAS-117734 Handle nulls in disk temperatures
  • NAS-117676 New cloud sync provider: “Storj iX”
  • NAS-117628 Dataset quota is not shown
  • NAS-117615 Hide Add Datasets / Add Zvol buttons on zvols
  • NAS-117573 Pre-filter data protection items when clicking on Manage links
  • NAS-117572 Handle empty states better on new storage pages
  • NAS-117566 Add support for snapdev
  • NAS-117558 Fix loading progress on storage pages
  • NAS-117520 Reimplement disk health card
  • NAS-117510 Extract dashboard pool loading into a separate store
  • NAS-117492 Adds tests to DatasetDetailsCardComponent
  • NAS-117475 Group disks in Unassigned disks dialog
  • NAS-117407 Clean up pool.dataset.query calls in the new Datasets module
  • NAS-117405 Fix IxDynamicFormItemComponent tests
  • NAS-117383 investigate adding io type to VM devices
  • NAS-117368 Add missing attributes to pool.dataset.details response
  • NAS-117365 Extract device loading into a separate store
  • NAS-117348 Make request to pool.dataset.details on the Datasets Management page
  • NAS-117323 Implement the click action for “Add vDev” button on the Device Management page
  • NAS-117321 Adopt new datasets API
  • NAS-117319 Allow vdevs to be selected in Devices
  • NAS-117317 Smaller fixes for Storage pages
  • NAS-117302 Integrate overprovisioning on zpool creation on SCALE
  • NAS-117253 Add loading indication to storage dashboard
  • NAS-117239 2 new endpoints for webUI network changes
  • NAS-117235 Test new storage pages in different browsers
  • NAS-117216 Fix card scaling in storage dashboard
  • NAS-117212 Show auto trim value in ZFS Health Card
  • NAS-117203 Separate the dataset capacity management form from the dataset edit form
  • NAS-117177 Finish Space Management Card
  • NAS-117082 Better loading indication for datasets and devices
  • NAS-117024 Fix the column layout of details panel for the storage redesign pages
  • NAS-117023 Investigate the “Mirror XYZ” row on the Devices table
  • NAS-117021 What should the “Add VDEV” button do on the Device Management page
  • NAS-117019 Which cards should be removed under certain conditions for the Dataset Management page
  • NAS-117017 Investigate the conditions for Encryption card on Dataset Management page
  • NAS-117015 Icon for ‘Locked by parent’
  • NAS-116964 Add URL support to Devices tree view
  • NAS-116916 Add details to the IxTreeTable on the Devices page
  • NAS-116915 Add the pool header row on Datasets IxTreeTable
  • NAS-116807 Synchronize storage design changes
  • NAS-116806 Design for Dataset Capacity Management
  • NAS-116788 Create the Dataset Capacity Management Card chart
  • NAS-116715 Review and fix card sizes for storage redesign pages
  • NAS-116635 Storj App in Official Catalog
  • NAS-116413 Device Management Page
  • NAS-116411 Information for different roles attached to a dataset or child datasets
  • NAS-116410 The Roles details Card/Widget
  • NAS-116406 Data Protection Card/Widget
  • NAS-116403 Dataset Management Page
  • NAS-116397 Disk Health card
  • NAS-116393 Pool Topology details widget/card
  • NAS-116391 Single Pool details component on Pools dashboard
  • NAS-116389 Create Pools Dashboard
  • NAS-114198 Advanced boot options for SCALE (udev rules and kernel parameters)
  • NAS-111020 Assigning Host USB device to a Guest VM in SCALE
  • NAS-102765 Ask for EC2 Instance ID when setting initial root password


  • NAS-117841 Ban res as variable name
  • NAS-117803 Blank dashboard of the first login
  • NAS-117802 Use truenas tls endpoint for usage stats
  • NAS-117775 Update kubernetes related dependencies from upstream
  • NAS-117769 Add support for multi selection in ix-explorer
  • NAS-117719 Do not run CI checks when only RE tests were changed
  • NAS-117707 Merge zfs-2.1.6-staging
  • NAS-117704 Enforce linting rules in CI
  • NAS-117699 add tests for copy_file_range (server-side copy) for NFSv4.2
  • NAS-117696 Update bluefin nightlies mirrors
  • NAS-117646 Reduce amount on any’s
  • NAS-117634 Refactor bootenv-status.component
  • NAS-117614 middleware files in /var/run should be in dedicated run directory
  • NAS-117606 Refactor Alert Services to ix-forms
  • NAS-117595 Add webdav shares to the pool.dataset.details
  • NAS-117576 Optimize calls on Storage pages
  • NAS-117574 Update Roles column on Datasets page
  • NAS-117540 Select the correct pool on datasets page when clicking on “Manage Datasets” on Pools Dashboard
  • NAS-117539 Make the first row of table selected state when Datasets page first loads
  • NAS-117528 ctdb.public.ips.interface_choices require interfaces with an IP
  • NAS-117445 Charts MinIO pod does not follow standard folder structure
  • NAS-117401 In UI allow users to set trust_guest_rx_filters for NIC device in VMs
  • NAS-117398 Add Storj as Cloud Sync service
  • NAS-117385 options.only_cached: Field was not expected when calling disk.temperatures
  • NAS-117372 Add client side validation for app names
  • NAS-117371 Make type field in pool topology and boot.get_state similar
  • NAS-117366 Disable patch status check from codecov
  • NAS-117363 Split Vdev type into separate types
  • NAS-117354 Change AD cache setting label
  • NAS-117333 UX: Wrong lock icons on datasets table
  • NAS-117308 Minor improvements to pool.dataset.details endpoint
  • NAS-117301 UX Remove redundant close icon on VM>Devices page
  • NAS-117299 less expensive chart.release.query endpoint
  • NAS-117279 Please add provisioning info to pool.dataset.query
  • NAS-117269 failover.disabled_reasons returns a new NO_FENCED that webUI needs to account for
  • NAS-117255 Add units tests for Dataset Capacity Management Card
  • NAS-117233 New Google Cloud Storage task field: bucket_policy_only
  • NAS-117221 Improvements for custom icons
  • NAS-117215 IPv6 NDP doesn’t work by default on VMs
  • NAS-117198 Enable linter rule no-trailing-spaces
  • NAS-117172 webui should use filesystem.acltemplate APIs for presenting templates to users
  • NAS-117119 Change loading animation in permissions card
  • NAS-117108 Find a different way of hiding dynamic controls other than disabled
  • NAS-117041 CLONE - Allow custom Management URLs for Apps
  • NAS-116905 ZFS scrub performance optimizations
  • NAS-116902 Expose ZFS dataset case sensitivity setting via sb_opts
  • NAS-116838 Add a query-option for pool.dataset.query to join dataset alerts with results
  • NAS-116755 Reword label for ACL types in SCALE permission editor
  • NAS-116736 Expand information available in simple dataset handles is libzfs snapshot iterator
  • NAS-116685 Add file size to manifest.json
  • NAS-116675 Add info about RSS support to interfaces API
  • NAS-116570 Refactor CloudCredentialsFormComponent
  • NAS-116482 Investigate whether to expose zvol snapdev
  • NAS-116375 Locate source of periodic writes to boot-pool and minimize
  • NAS-116343 Refactor bootenv-list.component to ix-tables
  • NAS-116138 Implement validation for Interface name
  • NAS-115959 User Feedback Service API
  • NAS-115620 Use newer nft tables syntax for failover iptables plugin
  • NAS-113922 gluster volume deletion integration tests
  • NAS-113681 Add support for prefer-as-const for class members
  • NAS-113183 Add loading state for ix-select/ix-combobox
  • NAS-112616 Enable prefer-early-return
  • NAS-112047 Investigate quiescing of VMs and Pods (PVCs?) during snapshot
  • NAS-111488 Implement disk_resize equivalent in SCALE
  • NAS-111356 network settings general improvements
  • NAS-108490 Add nvdimm related management tools


  • NAS-118080 fix scale nightlies build (update collectd to 5.12.0-11)
  • NAS-118048 remove trailing forward slash in corssl package
  • NAS-117992 VM not created in SCALE 22.12-BETA.1 testing
  • NAS-117987 certificate verify failed: self signed certificate in certificate chain
  • NAS-117931 Using HTTP Basic Auth will bypass 2FA
  • NAS-117889 fix KeyError in pool.dataset.details
  • NAS-117886 Fix Manage Datasets button link on the Pools Dashboard
  • NAS-117885 Shift winbindd_cache.tdb path in middleware
  • NAS-117877 Improve KDC detection during domain join
  • NAS-117868 Do not run post stop actions if VM is suspended
  • NAS-117865 Fix timeout during idmap updates
  • NAS-117864 Fix edge case for k8s node ca
  • NAS-117860 Ensure that we always have a valid krb5.conf during AD start
  • NAS-117858 relax zfs_space VFS object validation
  • NAS-117852 Fix path behaviour when disk type vm device is created
  • NAS-117842 fix creating/updating bonds
  • NAS-117840 Remove customized nss-pam-ldap from build
  • NAS-117829 fix failover.disabled.reasons….again
  • NAS-117825 Remove python nslcd client
  • NAS-117823 Restore loading indication on Storage pages
  • NAS-117806 update network configuration domain to match AD one
  • NAS-117801 Add some explicit tests for firstboot
  • NAS-117795 Move replace-disk-dialog to storage2
  • NAS-117789 Errors in ix-page-title-header on one pages disable header on all pages
  • NAS-117779 Enforce passwd/group specified reference files
  • NAS-117777 Unable to join active directory if SMB is not started first
  • NAS-117776 Clean chroot mounts when making update image
  • NAS-117768 undefined in filter box on some pages
  • NAS-117762 Build with BlueFin with Samba 4.17
  • NAS-117761 fix typo of nft fw rules for SCALE HA
  • NAS-117755 * [SCALE] Downloading Logs from VMs is not working
  • NAS-117749 Unable to select “category” when submitting a bug report from TrueNAS Scale 22.02.3
  • NAS-117745 Add AMD NTB driver to the build as a module.
  • NAS-117735 Only break out of fuse mount loop early on success
  • NAS-117728 Shift timeouts to a single dict for cluster tests
  • NAS-117727 NaN in disk.temperature_agg
  • NAS-117725 Deleting cluster does not wipe the ctdb_shared_vol brick / dataset causing many issues on new create
  • NAS-117723 FIPS self test failure broke installer
  • NAS-117718 No pools message flashing when switching to Storage
  • NAS-117716 Storj tests
  • NAS-117714 FTP “Certificate” dropdown should be under “Enable TLS” checkbox
  • NAS-117713 Change how API keys are created
  • NAS-117700 Dashboard Config settings revert after save
  • NAS-117695 use asterisk to explicitly indicate full API access
  • NAS-117692 Explicitly reference min_memory
  • NAS-117688 Cannot Edit VMs
  • NAS-117684 Separately test basic NFS ops for version 3 and version 4
  • NAS-117681 Remove overlay_dirs
  • NAS-117680 Bug with Dataset Icon in Details Panel header
  • NAS-117675 Add basic tests for ctdb managed services
  • NAS-117673 enforce minimum zfs passphrase length
  • NAS-117669 The “snapdev” field is returned in lowercase
  • NAS-117661 Minor bug fix for vm plugin
  • NAS-117658 TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.4-MASTER-20220805-041141 can’t start VMs after importing old config or upgrading from 22.02.3 or earlier
  • NAS-117655 Active Directory gets disabled on reboot
  • NAS-117637 If middleware_OVERRIDE is specified, let’s also override truenas and truenas_files
  • NAS-117635 remove unused startup_seq file
  • NAS-117630 Update test__iscsi_extent__disk_choices
  • NAS-117627 zfs.dataset.query_for_quota_alert returns only top-level datasets
  • NAS-117625 Add “run as user” option in ix chart
  • NAS-117624 No existing ZVOL images detected when creating new VM and trying to import existing zvol. Bluefin 05082022 and 100822
  • NAS-117622 Add SMB client failover test for cluster
  • NAS-117620 HA issue on M30 after loading SCALE Bluefin, ntb device problem
  • NAS-117617 Allow setting snapdev field for filesystems
  • NAS-117616 Do not try to revoke ACME certificate which has expired
  • NAS-117604 Node is unable to rejoin cluster after power off/on of 1/4 nodes
  • NAS-117602 Privilege Management API
  • NAS-117601 system.general.get_ui_urls blocks main event loop
  • NAS-117599 Installing netdata gets stuck at 75%
  • NAS-117596 Redirect to Disks Reports with pre-selected disks
  • NAS-117594 Add Vdev Form raises Maximum call stack size exceeded
  • NAS-117592 24h clock in tasks
  • NAS-117587 Fix regression in getgrnam for gid 0
  • NAS-117584 fix Makefile MWPATH
  • NAS-117575 Add more properties to dataset details
  • NAS-117562 Add more dataset details
  • NAS-117560 Unable to Delete Expired certificates
  • NAS-117557 Improvements to ctdb.public.ips APIs
  • NAS-117556 fix IndexError in
  • NAS-117553 Require at least one public IP address before joining cluster to AD
  • NAS-117551 Fix ftp_server_with_user_account asset
  • NAS-117544 NOT FOUND when querying for a list of support categories
  • NAS-117524 huge optimization to query_for_quota_alert
  • NAS-117519 Various improvements to builder
  • NAS-117513 Import ZFS Pools failed
  • NAS-117511 Remove zpool_get_physpath
  • NAS-117509 Sync colors on cards
  • NAS-117506 MatchNotFound on pool.query after update
  • NAS-117501 disk_resize: Don’t trigger udev events for NVMe
  • NAS-117500 call install-dev-tools before
  • NAS-117499 disk.query sometimes doesn’t return pool disk if it was just attached
  • NAS-117498 No Applications after cron job reboot
  • NAS-117495 fix and improve middlewared Makefile
  • NAS-117479 Skipping RAW device to be created
  • NAS-117478 Revert change to SMB etc generation
  • NAS-117476 bucket_policy_only: Field was not expected when expanding folders in Cloudsync task
  • NAS-117472 minor grammar fix
  • NAS-117471 Improve AD health checks
  • NAS-117467 Reuse tdb / ctdb handles
  • NAS-117465 Fix broken icon links
  • NAS-117459 Post NAS-113963 - pool can’t be locked while system-dataset is present
  • NAS-117451 Unable to download debug
  • NAS-117449 credentials.verify doesn’t timeout on incorrect SFTP credentials
  • NAS-117443 Fix clustered SMB service management events
  • NAS-117442 fix test_cluster_path_snapshot test
  • NAS-117441 Added better support for python virtual environment
  • NAS-117439 Misaligned text on Topology Card
  • NAS-117437 Remove microsoft account option
  • NAS-117436 stop running file IO in main event loop
  • NAS-117435 move thick_provision key to dataset level
  • NAS-117434 VM Clone does not account for explicit web port
  • NAS-117430 Simplify/Improve VM devices validation
  • NAS-117428 Improper regex used on name validation for apps
  • NAS-117426 Add common method for defining cpu/memory/gpu limitations
  • NAS-117424 freenas-debug: Restore ZFS kstat capture
  • NAS-117423 Errors waterfall on new Storage page
  • NAS-117420 Initialize cluster so that all nodes have all public IPs
  • NAS-117419 Pull-Replication failed
  • NAS-117418 Fix iscsi tests
  • NAS-117416 Plex wont deply (
  • NAS-117409 Unable to isolate GPU or see in apps in SCALE.
  • NAS-117404 Remove unused library common charts
  • NAS-117400 Fix activedirectory join in cluster
  • NAS-117395 iscsi_/ blocks main event loop in many places
  • NAS-117391 Remove redundant dataset.query
  • NAS-117382 Handle case of non-existent path during smbconf generation
  • NAS-117378 Bump up timeout values for permissions tests on cluster
  • NAS-117377 Fix clustered filesystem test
  • NAS-117376 Remove port from portal configuration in issci
  • NAS-117367 Ensure that required paths are auto-created for clustered pwenc
  • NAS-117362 improve ntp alert verbiage
  • NAS-117360 disk_resize: Don’t wait 15 seconds for SAS flash
  • NAS-117357 fix typo in disabled_reasons
  • NAS-117353 Fix Failover_disks alert typo
  • NAS-117330 vfs_fruit can write invalid timestamp as BTIME to user.DOSATTRIB xattr
  • NAS-117328 Fixes an empty line in SMB share presets
  • NAS-117327 NAS-117318: Fixes and empty line in SMB share presets
  • NAS-117322 Minor improvements to pool.dataset.details
  • NAS-117320 CLONE - Do not allow immutable fields to be modified in UI - Bluefin
  • NAS-117318 Empty line in SMB share presets
  • NAS-117313 Active Directory randomly automatically getting disabled during server reboot
  • NAS-117307 Invesitgate/fix ix-volumes being migrated on apps migration
  • NAS-117306 Fix ctdb jobs on pnn 0
  • NAS-117305 fill in app information in pool.dataset.details
  • NAS-117303 use ejson in kubernetes backup plugin
  • NAS-117293 Deprecate legacy behavior to allow empty homes path
  • NAS-117289 Attempting to delete VM causes system crash
  • NAS-117285 [required] validator from FormsModule conflicts with * [required] input ix-* components
  • NAS-117284 TrueNAS Scale nightly is trying to update to an older version
  • NAS-117278 Missing Provisioning Type Field in Space Management Card
  • NAS-117277 Space Management Card console error
  • NAS-117273 sedutil-cli fails to identify SAS SED drives on Linux
  • NAS-117264 Updater size estimates seem quite off
  • NAS-117231 Add CTDB event integration
  • NAS-117201 Fix qbittorrent upgrade strategy
  • NAS-117186 Change ProFTPD TLS Protocol
  • NAS-117175 unable to flash chelsio cards on SCALE
  • NAS-117166 Syncthing App will not deploy on TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin nightly
  • NAS-117159 save/rollback default gateway on interface changes
  • NAS-117158 Network dashboard widget fails due to permissions after Scale update
  • NAS-117153 Cloud Sync create_empty_src_dirs checkbox
  • NAS-117144 Swagger documentation line on API Keys screen incorrect if default port has been changed
  • NAS-117125 middleware worker process core dumped
  • NAS-117118 Invalid update image file when trying to update nightlies
  • NAS-117109 Apps: Plex: Plex can’t start sometimes “No such file or directory”
  • NAS-117104 PiHole Docker Install
  • NAS-117101 Charts MinIO pod cannot connect to itself when hostname is used
  • NAS-117076 Resource Limits are not applied to pod
  • NAS-117045 Improve error messaging for ‘min_memory’ when creating a VM
  • NAS-117039 Failed to check for alert ZpoolCapacity
  • NAS-117037 Python message
  • NAS-116998 SCALE: Cannot bind second network adapter to new VM
  • NAS-116987 TrueNAS SCALE webui become very slow
  • NAS-116933 UI won’t allow UPS on ttyS0
  • NAS-116927 ZFS replication causing unscheduled reboot on destination
  • NAS-116894 CLONE - [SCALE] Application Events is not sorted
  • NAS-116859 pool.dataset.summary
  • NAS-116808 Improve IPMI password validation
  • NAS-116777 [Scale 22.12-master] Apps won’t start
  • NAS-116702 Trivial (I think) Task Manager timing out
  • NAS-116688 A Start Job is Running for Import ZFS Pools (xxmin xxs / 15min 11s)
  • NAS-116674 [SCALE] BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable
  • NAS-116664 Stopped Apps/Docker spamming msg on syslog No Destination Avaliable
  • NAS-116662 Non boot-drive swap space “unclean” and re-constructed every boot
  • NAS-116603 Exclusive default Apps Catalog for Enterprise
  • NAS-116574 Apps Node IP Not Matching What is Configured
  • NAS-116513 pmem on SCALE doesn’t report serial information
  • NAS-116483 Can’t add zvol with space in name to VM as disk
  • NAS-116380 Trivial: On Network, Scale is displaying 2 default Gateways
  • NAS-116295 Free RAM reported mismatch
  • NAS-116098 nmbd breaks system dataset migration
  • NAS-116071 On Angelfish Nightly after pressing Failover at the login it display “Failover is in an error state.”
  • NAS-116023 Boot Issues with TrueNAS-SCALE-
  • NAS-115994 Idmap issue with “OWNER RIGHTS” SID
  • NAS-115992 NFSv4 not configured properly when active directory domain name != server subdomain
  • NAS-115869 NTP service broken when DHCP provides NTP servers.
  • NAS-115858 Fix netdata hitting apparmor profile
  • NAS-115235 Restrict job log dir to root
  • NAS-115058 Exception disable_offload_capabilities when configuring network interface from CLI
  • NAS-114575 [SCALE] When using OneDrive as a Backup the Client sends tens of thousands of DNS Requests
  • NAS-114305 Network Interfaces - Test/Save Changes bug (back-end)
  • NAS-114064 IPV6 Neighbor Solicitation if started by TrueNas SCALE fails => NO IPV6
  • NAS-113833 /update/check_available API call crashes when is unavailable
  • NAS-113830 SCALE: Time Machine does not work for large source on macOS Monterey (12.0.1 and 12.1)
  • NAS-113534 sqlilte error creating link aggregation
  • NAS-113529 VERIFY(PageUptodate(pp)) failed
  • NAS-112995 Alert reads “…replication from scratch…” but entry is called differently in GUI
  • NAS-112877 Docker networking configuration prevents certain images from working correctly
  • NAS-112277 /usr/local/bin/zilstat not functional on SCALE
  • NAS-110490 Scale - NVMe drives in USB case show same Serial Number
  • NAS-103225 clear Enclosure Status when not OK

Known Issues

Seen InKeySummaryWorkaroundResolved In
22.12-BETA.1NAS-117940Implements temporary fix for the return from glfs_open() to honor O_DIRECTORY flagPertains to an internal issue in Samba. After gluserfs is fixed with a permanent solution to this issue happens, this temporary fix will be reverted.Targeted 22.12
22.12-BETA.1NAS-117974Replication Task Wizard Source and Destination fields cut off the path informationThe Source and Destination fields in the Replication Task Wizard window are cutoff. UI form issue that positions the paths in the fields such that ony part of the value is visible.Backlog
22.12-BETA.1NAS-118063SCALE Cluder growth/resize featuresCurrently, there is no way to grow or resize an existing cluser without the user destroying their cluster and starting with a new cluster. This issue looks to implement a solution using TrueCommand and TrueNAS API that provides the ability to have shared volumes that do not occupy all nodes in the cluster, add one or more nodes to a cluster without impacting existing shared volumes, “grow” a shared volume, and temporarily remove nodes from a cluster without destroying the cluster.Targeted Backlog
22.12-BETA.1NAS-118066UI is not updating or properly showing snapshotsUI isn’t showing dataset snapshots without creating one from Shell, but the UI doesn’t display this Shell-created snapshot in Manage Snapshots.Targeted 22.12-BETA.2
22.12-BETA.1NAS-118054Replication Warning: Cannot receive sharesmb propertyReplication created sending from an ecrypted dataset to a non-encrypted dataset. After running replication the screen displays an orange warning icon. After clicking on the warning the “cannot receive sharesmb property in *tank/repwizrd/*set: pool and dataset must be upgraded to set this property or value.” where tank/repwizrd is the pool/dataset path.Targeted 22.12-BETA.2
22.12-BETA.1NAS-118095Core dumps on ctdb at startupTraceback received that indicates ctdb core-dumps when starting nodes after a fresh install.Unscheduled
22.02.1NAS-116473Large Drive Count IssuesiX is investigating isuses with booting SCALE on systems with more than 100 Disks.22.12-RC.1
22.02.0NAS-115238Removed drive from pool does not degrade pool status (SCALE).Issue is being investigated and a fix provided in a future releaseTargeted 22.02.4
Unable to mount an NFS export after migrating from CORE > SCALE or updating to 22.02.0.The /etc/exports file is no longer generated when the NFS configuration contains mapall or maproot entries for unknown users or groups. This can impact users who previously had a mapping group set to wheel, which does not exist in SCALE. If you are unable to mount an NFS export, review your NFS share configuration and change any wheel entries to something specific for your environment or root.
SCALE Gluster/Cluster.Gluster/Cluster features are still in testing. Administrators should use caution when deploying and avoid use with critical data.
NAS-110263AFP sharing is removed from TrueNAS SCALE. The protocol is deprecated and no longer receives development effort or security fixes.TrueNAS SCALE automatically migrates any existing AFP shares into an SMB configuration that is preset to function like an AFP share.21.06-BETA.1
21.06-BETA.1NAS-111547ZFS shouldn’t count vdev IO errors on hotplug removalPool status isn’t being updated immediately on disk exchange events.Targeted 22.12

TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin includes Linux Kernel 5.15 which can enable Alderlake GPU acceleration by using the following boot loader tunable and rebooting:

midclt call system.advanced.update '{"kernel_extra_options": "i915.force_probe=4690" }'

NOTE: 4690 can be replaced with your specific Alderlake GPU version.

OpenZFS Feature Flags

For more details on feature flags see OpenZFS Feature Flags.

For more details on zpool.features.7 see OpenZFS zpool-feature.7.

Feature FlagGUIDDependenciesDescription
blake3org.openzfs.blake3extensible)datasetEnables use of the BLAKE3 hash algorithmfor checksum and dedup. BLAKE3 is a secure hash algorithm focused on high performance. When enabled, the adminstrator can turn on the blake3 checksum on any dataset using zfs set checksum=blake dset see zfs-set(8).
head_errlogcom.delphix:head_errlogn/aEnables the upgraded version of errlog. The error log of each head dataset is stored separately in the zap object and keyed by the head id. Every dataset affected by an error block is listed in the output of zpool status.
zilsaxattrorg.openzfs:zilsaxattrextensible_datasetEnables xattr-sa extended attribute logging in the ZIL. If enabled, extended attribute changes from both xattrdir=dir and xattr=sa are guaranteed to be durable if either sync=always is set for the dataset when a change is made or sync(2) is called on the dataset after making changes.

Bluefin Unstable Nightly Images (Unstable Branch, developers and brave testers)

Nightly builds are considered experimental and highly unstable. Do not use a nightly build for anything other than testing and development.

Nightly images for TrueNAS SCALE are built every 24 hours, at around 2AM Eastern (EDT/EST) time. These images are made publicly available when they pass automated basic usability testing. This means that during times of heavy development, nightly images might be less frequently available. Online updates are created every 2 hours and are available in the SCALE UI online updating page.