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TrueNAS Data Collection Statement

TrueNAS collects non-sensitive system data and relays the data to a collector managed by iXsystems. This system data collection is enabled by default and can be disabled in the web interface under System Settings > General > GUI Settings > Usage collection.

When disabled, no information about system configuration and usage is collected. The system capacity and software version is still collected.

The protocol for system data collection uses the same TCP ports as HTTPS (443) and passes through most firewalls as an outgoing web connection. If a firewall blocks the data collection or the data collection is disabled, there is no adverse impact to the TrueNAS system.

Non-sensitive system data is used to identify the quality and operational trends in the fleet of TrueNAS systems used by the entire community. The collected data helps iXsystems identify issues, plan for new features, and determine where to invest resources for future software enhancements.

The non-sensitive system data collected is clearly differentiated from sensitive user data that is explicitly not collected by TrueNAS. This table describes the differences:

Sensitive User Data (NOT COLLECTED)Non-Sensitive System Data (Optionally Collected)
DescriptionAny data that includes user identity or business informationData that only includes information about the TrueNAS system and its operation
ExamplesUsernames, passwords, email addressesAnonymous hardware inventory, faults, statistics, Pool configuration
User-created System and dataset namesSoftware versions, firmware versions
Directory, files names, user dataServices and features enabled, Usage and Performance statistics