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Component Naming

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Last Modified 2022-07-20 08:28 EDT

TrueNAS SCALE incorporates all the major TrueNAS CORE storage and sharing features with a web interface based on Debian GNU/Linux. Because SCALE shares the same UI as the FreeBSD-based TrueNAS CORE, users might notice there are similarities. However, SCALE does incorporate some differences, primarily in component naming.


TrueNAS Core utilizes a numerical listing of drives in a system.


TrueNAS SCALE uses a lettered format for drive identification.


SCALE still labels NVMe drives with a numeric value.


TrueNAS CORE utilizes driver information and enumeration to assign an interface name.


TrueNAS SCALE uses PCI location to assign an interface name.


See the TrueNAS Systems section for lists of the default port names for each platform.

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