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Installation Instructions

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Last Modified 2022-07-20 15:00 EDT

This section provides instructions for users that are installing TrueNAS SCALE for the first time on their own system hardware and for users that need to do a clean install of SCALE.

The installation process covers installing SCALE using an iso, and then using the Console setup menu to configure their primary network interface. TrueNAS SCALE uses DHCP to provide the system IP address. It also describes configuring the rest of the network settings, storage pools, data sharing and data storage backup solutions in the web UI. Finally, it covers backing up the system configuration to a file.

If you plan to use this TrueNAS SCALE system as part of a cluster, complete the configuration process and then save the system configuration file.

Installation Articles

  • Installing SCALE
  • This article provides SCALE installation instructions for both physical hardware and virtual machines using an iso file. It also describes the iso verification process using and OpenPGP encryption application.

    • Console Setup Menu Configuration
    • This article provides instructions on configuration network settings using the Console setup menu after you install TrueNAS SCALE from the iso file.

      • Setting Up Storage
      • This article provides basic instructions for setting up your first storage pool, and also provides storage requirement information.

        • Setting Up Data Sharing
        • This article provides general information on setting up basci data sharing on TrueNAS SCALE.

          • Backing Up TrueNAS
          • This article provides general information and instructions on setting up storage data backup solutions and saving the system configuration file in TrueNAS SCALE.