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Configuration Instructions

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Last Modified 2023-03-14 13:11 EDT

This section provides instructions for users that are installing TrueNAS SCALE the first time on their own system hardware, and for users that need to do a clean install of SCALE.

TrueNAS SCALE Enterprise customers should contact iXsystem Support for assistance with the initial set up and configuration of their systems.

After completing the installation process, you can either use the Console setup menu to reconfigure the primary network interface with a static IP address or use the SCALE UI to make network changes and complete the initial configuration.

Configuring your system includes:

  • Setting up your first pool
  • Setting up data sharing
  • Setting up backup for the system and your stored data

Other options include:

  • Setting up Clustering
  • Configuring virtual machines (VMs) or Apps

If you plan to use this TrueNAS SCALE system as part of a cluster, complete the configuration process and then save the system configuration file. Then set up TrueCommand to manage your TrueSCALE system(s) using the instructions in Installing TrueCommand Cloud or Installing the TrueCommand Container using Docker on Linux. To set up clusters of TrueNAS SCALE systems use TrueCommand to create and manage the cluster and nodes.

Configuration Articles

  • First Time Login
  • Web Interface Access Logging Into the SCALE UI Logging In as Admin Logging In as Root Creating an Administrator Account at First Log in Introducing the Main SCALE Dashboard Introducing SCALE Navigation Options Top Toolbar Next Steps Now that you have installed TrueNAS SCALE or migrated from TrueNAS CORE to SCALE, you can log into the SCALE web user interface (UI) to complete your initial system configuration and then begin managing data!

    • Configuring SCALE Using the UI
    • This article provides a sequential process to complete SCALE initial configuration using the SCALE UI.

      • Setting Up Storage
      • This article provides basic instructions for setting up your first storage pool and dataset or zvol.

        • Setting Up Data Sharing
        • This article provides general information on setting up basic data sharing on TrueNAS SCALE.

          • Backing Up TrueNAS
          • This article provides general information and instructions on setting up data storage backup solutions, saving the system configuration and initial system debug files, and creating a boot environment.

            • Preparing for Clustering
            • Initial setup procedures to prepare a system for clustering

              • Configuring Virtualization and Apps in TrueNAS SCALE
              • This article provides general information on setting up virtual machines and applications on TrueNAS SCALE.