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This content follows the TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 (Cobia) releases. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to different TrueNAS software or major version.

Getting Started

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Last Modified 2023-08-03 16:10 EDT

This section guides you through installing TrueNAS SCALE or migrating from CORE to SCALE, and using the UI to access and configure TrueNAS SCALE. Configuration includes setting up initial storage, backup, and data sharing, and expanding TrueNAS with different applications solutions.

The SCALE Evaluation Guide also provides video tutorials for installing and exploring the full potential of TrueNAS SCALE.

TrueNAS SCALE Getting Started Contents

This is a listing of all the primary content sections in this Getting Started Guide.

  • ⎙ Download or Print: View all SCALE Getting Started articles as a single page for download or print.

  • SCALE 23.10 Release Notes: Highlights, change log, and known issues for each SCALE 23.10 (Cobia) release.

  • SCALE Hardware Guide: Provides information on system hardware and system minimum requirements. Included information covers CPUs, storage considerations and solutions, media and controllers, device sizing and cooling, SAS expanders, and system memory.

  • Installation Instructions: Guides users (including Enterprise customers) with first-time TrueNAS SCALE installations.

  • 23.10 (Cobia) Upgrades: Overview and processes for upgrading from earlier SCALE major versions and from 23.10 to newer major versions.

  • CORE to SCALE Migrations: TrueNAS CORE to TrueNAS SCALE migrations.

  • Configuration Instructions: Configuring TrueNAS SCALE after install.

  • Getting Support: Guides for getting assistance with TrueNAS SCALE issues.

  • User Agreements: Legal statements about using TrueNAS SCALE and other general software notices.

Enterprise Deployment Guide

TrueNAS Enterprise