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SCALE 21.06-BETA.1

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Last Modified 2021-10-05 11:18 EDT

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical Use-caseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC3Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE4General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U15Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+6+Mission CriticalSuitable for critical uptime deployments

June 22, 2021

After a very successful ALPHA cycle with thousands of deployed and tested systems, iXsystems is excited to announce the release of TrueNAS SCALE 21.06, which marks the official beginning of BETA. SCALE is now being tested for general NAS usage, scale-out, and application deployment. Many thanks to the thousands of community developers and testers who have contributed to the effort.

As our initial community post and blog indicated, TrueNAS SCALE is defined by its acronym:

Scale-Out ZFS: Capacity & Performance
Converged compute and storage
Active-Active reliability
Linux containers & virtualization: Docker, K8s, and KVM
Easy Setup & Management

With TrueNAS SCALE 21.06 and the recent release of TrueCommand 2.0, every element in the acronym has been delivered and is ready for BETA testing on the path to RELEASE later this year. The major new capabilities of TrueNAS SCALE 21.06 include:

  • SMB ACLs: TrueNAS CORE supports NFSv4 and SMB ACLs, based on OpenZFS with FreeBSD-compatible extended attributes. TrueNAS SCALE includes an iXsystems enhancement to Linux which also allows importing of TrueNAS pools while keeping the same extended attributes functional. This is the final piece which allows migration of storage from TrueNAS CORE to SCALE.

  • Applications: Third-party applications can now be deployed as single (Docker) containers or “pods” of containers using Helm charts with dynamic, customizable configurations. TrueNAS SCALE 21.06 also includes the ability to use one or more community-provided application repositories. One of our community members (Ornias) has built an extensive library of applications called TrueCharts, which also provides a process for users to build and customize their own libraries.

  • Scale-Out ZFS: TrueCommand 2.0 provides a cluster volumes interface for TrueNAS SCALE systems. This enables ZFS datasets to be pooled together as cluster volumes which span multiple nodes. Cluster volumes can have a variety of redundancy properties including 3-way Mirrors, N+1, and N+2. Each cluster volume can then be shared with GlusterFS natively. Support for clustered SMB access will be available in August with SCALE 21.08.

TrueNAS SCALE documentation has also reached its BETA phase. It is based on the greatly improved documentation of TrueNAS CORE. In addition, there are Developer Notes and Release Notes. Even if you aren’t ready to make the leap, please review the docs and let us know if you have any questions.

We appreciate the community feedback and bug reports and hope to get all those features to RELEASE quality faster. A special thanks also goes to the large number of awesome community members who joined the development and test team. We’ve really appreciated your contributions and teamwork and it has greatly contributed to the accelerated development process.

Obtaining the Release

To download an .iso file for installing SCALE 21.06-BETA.1, go to https://www.truenas.com/truenas-scale/ and click Download.

To upgrade an existing SCALE install, log in to your SCALE web interface and go to System Settings > Update.

SCALE is developed as an appliance that uses specific Linux packages with each release. Attempting to update SCALE with apt or methods other than the SCALE web interface can result in a nonfunctional system.

21.06-BETA.1 Changelog

New Feature

  • [NAS-102391] - Auto-Expand Boot Pool in EC2
  • [NAS-102404] - Add checks for voltage on FreeNAS Minis (and others?)
  • [NAS-104320] - Platform dependent ACL support in filesystem plugin
  • [NAS-104325] - Investigate/implement winacl for Linux
  • [NAS-104898] - Expand the IPMI error initialism 'SEL' to 'system event log'
  • [NAS-106553] - Add ability to set a different retention time or replicated snapshots.
  • [NAS-108217] - Rebuild dependent packages if upstream package is updated
  • [NAS-108576] - Support fields in catalog items which are only editable on creation of chart release
  • [NAS-109209] - Directory Services Dashboard
  • [NAS-109216] - Dashboard Redesign
  • [NAS-109985] - Add GPU passthrough fields in the UI
  • [NAS-110551] - App official application for chia
  • [NAS-110669] - Share tables layout on dashboard
  • [NAS-110670] - Move SMB share form to sidebar
  • [NAS-110672] - Move NFS share form to sidebar
  • [NAS-110731] - Service status and controls in Sharing dashboard
  • [NAS-110733] - Improvements for share dashboard


  • [NAS-103069] - Make middleware clear old pool labels from new partitions
  • [NAS-103097] - Disable camcontrol settings on disks for unidentifiable disks
  • [NAS-103891] - Clear IPMI System Event Log from the webUI
  • [NAS-104824] - cloud sync to google photos
  • [NAS-104984] - Columns missing on Periodic Snapshot Tasks page
  • [NAS-105205] - Sort order of replication destination dataset list
  • [NAS-106096] - PUT alertclasses Rest API docs imporvement
  • [NAS-106154] - Add openseachest to TrueNAS Scale
  • [NAS-108350] - Slide out dataset permissions page
  • [NAS-108451] - Prevent zvols from being selectable for replication destination
  • [NAS-109207] - Sharing Dashboard Design
  • [NAS-109450] - Enclosure UI should not require refresh to detect disk status changes
  • [NAS-109917] - Better organization of snapshot delete confirm dialog
  • [NAS-109955] - Make AD join progress clearer to end-users
  • [NAS-110025] - Unclear why I may want to install TrueNAS to multiple drives
  • [NAS-110048] - Add support for translating plural strings
  • [NAS-110054] - Install Husky and eslint
  • [NAS-110109] - Shell focus
  • [NAS-110134] - Link to Enclosure Management on Dashboard
  • [NAS-110156] - TTL of ACME TXT records too high
  • [NAS-110158] - Convert job states to enum
  • [NAS-110177] - Add non-invasive linter rules
  • [NAS-110195] - Enable --no-implicit-any
  • [NAS-110197] - Add CSS linter
  • [NAS-110199] - Sync Replication Tasks creation workflow
  • [NAS-110200] - Add ability to show checkbox for app-table component
  • [NAS-110217] - Replace product type strings with enum
  • [NAS-110253] - Make Formconfiguration more type-safe
  • [NAS-110260] - Github workflow automation with bugclerk
  • [NAS-110263] - Remove AFP sharing
  • [NAS-110264] - Remove AFP sharing (backend)
  • [NAS-110265] - Unset Pool on SCALE Apps screen should ask for confirmation before starting task
  • [NAS-110282] - update local fork of glustercli-python
  • [NAS-110283] - fix remove brick operations in middleware API
  • [NAS-110287] - Introduce JobStatus enum
  • [NAS-110289] - Use absolute path for imports in VSCode
  • [NAS-110328] - Refactor DialogService
  • [NAS-110329] - Remove "Sort languages by:" option
  • [NAS-110331] - Simplify translation system
  • [NAS-110332] - move contents of failover_/ to middlewared/plugins
  • [NAS-110335] - move contents of enclosure_ to middlewared/plugins
  • [NAS-110336] - move contents of alert to middlewared/alert
  • [NAS-110337] - refactor middlewared_truenas/pytest
  • [NAS-110339] - refactor enclosure.py
  • [NAS-110344] - Add nvme-cli to SCALE
  • [NAS-110377] - Show error if wrong password is specified for a display device in UI
  • [NAS-110381] - Enable 5 more linter rules
  • [NAS-110399] - Allow specifying extra volumes for nextcloud/plex catalog items
  • [NAS-110402] - Remove one of the buttons to collapse sidebar
  • [NAS-110415] - Remove AAM from UI: this is an obsolete option
  • [NAS-110438] - Update kubernetes and related forks
  • [NAS-110471] - Improve type safety of ws calls
  • [NAS-110493] - Add traceroute to SCALE
  • [NAS-110532] - Hard to find where Snapshots are
  • [NAS-110546] - Support URLs in setup_env.js
  • [NAS-110556] - Adapt ix-chart to dynamically render in the UI
  • [NAS-110558] - Working on improving type safety
  • [NAS-110590] - Show default entry for preferred trains when creating catalog
  • [NAS-110592] - Add default entry for image tag when pulling docker image in UI
  • [NAS-110609] - Allow specifying environment variables for chia
  • [NAS-110610] - Allow specifying a host path volume for plotting directory in chia
  • [NAS-110612] - Deal with quill security vulnerability
  • [NAS-110628] - Enable linter rule to require explicit return types
  • [NAS-110641] - zfs create API - ability to set userprops during dataset creation
  • [NAS-110643] - zfs clone API - ability to set properties on dataset during clone operation
  • [NAS-110645] - zfs create API - ability to specify `parents` and `properties` during dataset creation
  • [NAS-110653] - Improve type safety for sharing and acl permissions
  • [NAS-110661] - Improve type safety of dashboard
  • [NAS-110686] - Synchronize actual packages used with package.json
  • [NAS-110724] - alert polling certificates is inefficient and CPU intensive
  • [NAS-110745] - Improving type safety of API calls
  • [NAS-110761] - Linter: ban unused local variables
  • [NAS-110819] - OpenZFS: Rebase on zfs-2.1-rc6
  • [NAS-110911] - Update zfs operator from upstream
  • [NAS-111044] - SCALE: Merge Linux v5.10.42

Bug Fixes

  • [NAS-107412] - snapshot retention policy is being ignored
  • [NAS-108336] - Delete expiring snapshots after expiration even when changing snapshot task
  • [NAS-108560] - Pool status will not update unless system is restarted/system panics
  • [NAS-108987] - Unable to import pool - pool shows up in dialog import list, but fails at zfs.find_import
  • [NAS-108995] - Make WebUI builds reproducible
  • [NAS-109370] - Column for Disk Serial number
  • [NAS-109475] - Stacked graphs
  • [NAS-109476] - Full filesystem replication doesn't work incrementally
  • [NAS-109561] - Cloud Sync Task does not allow for multiple, independent selection of files on Google Cloud
  • [NAS-109664] - UI components should avoid redundant disk.query event subscriptions
  • [NAS-109672] - Scheduler preview not handling daylight savings time correctly
  • [NAS-109754] - [Charts/Apps] Lists-in-Lists broken on latest build
  • [NAS-109803] - SMB User/Group not showing up correctly in Windows clients after updating TrueNAS netbios name
  • [NAS-109828] - SNMP UCD-SNMP-MIB Counter64 wrap at 32bit values
  • [NAS-109849] - failover log spam
  • [NAS-109874] - When I click "Run Now" on replication task it has no status for a few seconds
  • [NAS-109910] - Add unique constraints
  • [NAS-109967] - Add tests for ZFS quotas through SMB proto
  • [NAS-109971] - Replication error inconsistent display
  • [NAS-109989] - [EFAULT] LDAP cache already exists. Refusing to generate cache
  • [NAS-109993] - Fix spacing and border color on dark themes
  • [NAS-109996] - Display device issues
  • [NAS-110028] - Truenas scale catalog doesn't see new certs added to the cert store till doing a full sync
  • [NAS-110038] - Replication of dataset fails after big deletion on the source
  • [NAS-110044] - null_value in ISCSI extent "Device" field
  • [NAS-110067] - Normalise docker data-root path
  • [NAS-110070] - Wrong thread count for cpu on dash no usage or temp data either
  • [NAS-110094] - PLEX docker container not given proper nameserver / networking in SCALE
  • [NAS-110095] - Make sure we correctly retrieve active containers status
  • [NAS-110108] - "Apps" menu item clicked by mistake
  • [NAS-110118] - Is "Login to provider" an "Advanced OAuth option"?
  • [NAS-110119] - Code names are displayed in cloud credentials list
  • [NAS-110121] - Creating a dataset when file with same name already exists silently closes dataset creation dialog
  • [NAS-110131] - refactor failover.py
  • [NAS-110141] - [certificates] ACME DNS challenge failed to place TXT record
  • [NAS-110143] - VM VNC not accessible from UI
  • [NAS-110169] - [SCALE] PVC datasets not accessable from folder
  • [NAS-110173] - DynamicDNS GUI configures some providers incorrectly
  • [NAS-110191] - Retrieve display device id with each display uri
  • [NAS-110192] - Add normalized vm pci id to device.get_gpus
  • [NAS-110209] - nscd and rrdcached constantly write to boot-pool instead of system dataset
  • [NAS-110222] - Reporting.realtime only shows temperatures for half the cores.
  • [NAS-110234] - All replication hangs until system reboot, again, after SSHException
  • [NAS-110240] - Not showing temps for hdd
  • [NAS-110243] - GET /api/v2.0/system/general/ui_restart fails with 405: Method Not Allowed
  • [NAS-110247] - Missing "Force HDD standby" in SMART prevent drives to go to sleep
  • [NAS-110259] - Disable sentry if middlewared code is an NFS mount
  • [NAS-110267] - Do not consider bond interface as an internal interface
  • [NAS-110272] - fix brick removal methods in upstream module
  • [NAS-110286] - removebrick STATUS broken in upstream module
  • [NAS-110307] - volume.status_detail broken in upstream module
  • [NAS-110308] - Improve key name for gpu pci ids choices
  • [NAS-110312] - Validate password for display devices when retrieving uri
  • [NAS-110317] - Fix retention shells
  • [NAS-110319] - Update gpu error message
  • [NAS-110350] - Increase crash kernel memory size
  • [NAS-110355] - [SCALE] CPU Reports button on dashboard not working
  • [NAS-110362] - TypeError "cannot convert 'int' object to bytes" when enabling SSSD Compatibility in AD Idmap
  • [NAS-110371] - Do not apply zfs-localpv crd manually
  • [NAS-110373] - Add system configured timezone as default in catalogs
  • [NAS-110374] - Retrieve questions context if not specified
  • [NAS-110375] - Add an alert if we fail to sync catalog
  • [NAS-110376] - Clear old update alerts on kubernetes status change
  • [NAS-110393] - Only add extra arguments if specified
  • [NAS-110394] - Allow specifying extra kernel arguments
  • [NAS-110396] - Correctly retrieve host path volumes
  • [NAS-110398] - Use flake8 instead of pep8speaks
  • [NAS-110400] - Harden k3s
  • [NAS-110413] - The UI is misreading the schedule for a Snapshot Task from True Command
  • [NAS-110432] - duplicate entries in syslog config
  • [NAS-110434] - Cant Use upercase letters for name of new app
  • [NAS-110459] - CloudFlare API token cannot be used successfully
  • [NAS-110464] - After successfully modifying members of a group, UI goes to the dashboard instead of the groups page
  • [NAS-110467] - Set k3s required sysctl's
  • [NAS-110474] - Dashboard CSS bugs in Firefox 88
  • [NAS-110494] - Network/routing issues caused by using LACP bond with k8s in SCALE
  • [NAS-110496] - Alert - Failed to check for alert HasUpdate
  • [NAS-110502] - Implement nfs4acl management features
  • [NAS-110503] - Wrong Selection of drive
  • [NAS-110504] - Compiler Warnings
  • [NAS-110509] - Error when test run
  • [NAS-110510] - Only delete jobs log dir if it exists
  • [NAS-110511] - Bug fixes for setting system birthday
  • [NAS-110513] - Indicate we failed to retrieve catalog items in catalog.query response
  • [NAS-110524] - [SCALE] showsubquestions sub...questions don't render.
  • [NAS-110525] - [SCALE] Catalog reports unhealthy for a train that is not "followed/selected"
  • [NAS-110538] - Network configuration doesnt revert properly if test times out
  • [NAS-110542] - Replication Form "Save" button is inactive and I can't understand why
  • [NAS-110547] - SCALE - Docker Environment variables not showing up on edit
  • [NAS-110553] - UI fails to load available applications
  • [NAS-110566] - Remove unused quotes for chart release update alerts
  • [NAS-110573] - Do not have jail plugin for scale
  • [NAS-110577] - Shell now uses binary frames
  • [NAS-110578] - [SCALE] Unable to setup UPS (need chmod to complete)
  • [NAS-110580] - Fields are not properly aligned in application creation form
  • [NAS-110581] - List attribute does not render inside a dictionary in applications UI properly
  • [NAS-110584] - UI allows opening launch docker image wizard even if pool is not selected
  • [NAS-110585] - Launch Docker Image wizard errors out
  • [NAS-110588] - UI should hide all applications if no catalog is selected
  • [NAS-110589] - UI does not show selected pool in advanced settings for applications
  • [NAS-110591] - Unable to determine if UI is performing requested action in apps
  • [NAS-110593] - Tooltip not rendered for dict attributes in Applications
  • [NAS-110594] - Tool tip does not render where it should in Applications
  • [NAS-110595] - Have some text/placeholder when icon for an application cannot be retrieved
  • [NAS-110600] - Error exporting/disconnecting pool - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'
  • [NAS-110607] - Fix (almost all) unit test failures
  • [NAS-110618] - Start SSH service on SSH pairing
  • [NAS-110656] - QuickSync GPU not detected on motherboards with BMC
  • [NAS-110667] - Add testparm output to debug
  • [NAS-110688] - Generate random mac when creating NIC VM device in UI
  • [NAS-110689] - Only consider interfaces in database for dhcp/ipv6 autoconfiguration
  • [NAS-110701] - Remove copy-paste error from old AD LDAP code.
  • [NAS-110704] - KeyError on zfs.snapshot.query with additional fields
  • [NAS-110713] - Update pixi plugin to avoid errors
  • [NAS-110715] - Do not normalize docker tag when updating app
  • [NAS-110717] - Creating duplicate DNS Authenticator results in raw SQL error
  • [NAS-110735] - Fix advanced settings
  • [NAS-110736] - GPU is marked as required when creating a virtual machine
  • [NAS-110748] - Create Pool button does nothing
  • [NAS-110759] - Unable to get oAuth token for Google Photos
  • [NAS-110778] - Downgrade pixi to 4.7 and remove pixi-projection dependency
  • [NAS-110779] - system.info: boottime timestamp wrong
  • [NAS-110794] - Inherit special_small_blocks by default
  • [NAS-110803] - Do not treat mountpoint specially
  • [NAS-110822] - Correctly compare nfs4 key when creating dataset
  • [NAS-110833] - CertificateChecks traceback
  • [NAS-110884] - Replication Task Wizard UI issues
  • [NAS-110894] - Reinitialize udev monitor on udev polling error
  • [NAS-110979] - fix 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'call_sync'
  • [NAS-111012] - Perform chown() when setting POSIX1E ACL non-recursively
  • [NAS-111017] - Allow acltype to change through middleware
  • [NAS-111022] - Add validation related to legacy AFP shares
  • [NAS-111038] - Fix parsing error for POSIX1E getfacl output
  • [NAS-111039] - Remove strict check for path existence in AFP validation
  • [NAS-111050] - Incorrect group tag when adding a mask ACL
  • [NAS-111065] - Use correct API endpoint for disabling ACL on update
  • [NAS-111081] - Fix setting default SMB ACL on dataset creation

Known Issues

NAS-110263AFP sharing is removed from TrueNAS SCALE. The protocol is deprecated and no longer receives development effort or security fixes.TrueNAS SCALE automatically migrates any existing AFP shares into an SMB configuration that is preset to function like an AFP share.
NAS-111036Error when TrueNAS sets defaults for 'acl_mode' based on 'acl_type' for “Generic” dataset types.When creating a new “Generic” (non-SMB) dataset type, set ACL Mode under Advanced Options to 'Discard" and you will be able to successfully save the dataset.
NAS-11105521.06 Internal candidate: UI Slowdowns from custom catalog installationDue to the large repository, TrueCharts has performance issues when adding the repo to TrueNAS for the first time or adding after the upgrade. Users will need to refresh the Apps catalog and expect to wait a short time for the first sync to complete.
NAS-108560Pool status does not update unless the system is restarted or the system panicsWhen resolving issues with a degraded volume, use either zpool clear or reboot the system to update the pool status.
NAS-109359File restoration from Windows over SMB using shadow copies feature is not functional.To be fixed in the SCALE 21.08 release.