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SCALE 21.02-ALPHA.1 (Angelfish)

  11 minute read.

Last Modified 2021-10-05 11:18 EDT

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical Use-caseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC3Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE4General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U15Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+6+Mission CriticalSuitable for critical uptime deployments

February 16, 2021

iXsystems is pleased to release the next Alpha version of TrueNAS SCALE! SCALE is the newest member of the TrueNAS family. When complete, SCALE will have all major TrueNAS CORE storage and sharing features and web interface based on Debian GNU/Linux. There will also be additional SCALE-specific features that are derived from the application’s Linux base. The major features of SCALE are represented in the application acronym:

  • Scaled-Out ZFS
  • Converged
  • Active-Active
  • Linux Containers
  • Easy to Manage

Initial developer’s notes for TrueNAS SCALE are available in the TrueNAS Documentation Hub. Note that because SCALE shares a similar user interface as the FreeBSD-based TrueNAS CORE, many of the current documentation articles also apply to SCALE. SCALE feature-specific articles will be added to the SCALE section as the software approaches its first full release.

Code-named Angelfish, TrueNAS SCALE ALPHA follows a year.month-ALPHA.# scheme for versioned releases. Because this is an ALPHA release of the software, not all planned features are present. The status of major features are listed here, along with the full changelog of bug fixes that are part of the SCALE 21.02-ALPHA.1 release.

Software Features


Verified Features are generally working in SCALE. Minor bugs could be present.

  • Pool Management
  • SMB Shares
  • iSCSI Shares
  • NFS Shares
  • S3 Shares
  • AFP Shares
  • AD / LDAP Directory Services
  • Online / Offline updating
  • Virtual Machines (Using KVM)
  • WebDAV
  • Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting
  • POSIX 1e support
  • Boot Environments
  • SSH Credentials
  • ZFS Encryption
  • Cloud Sync
  • Replication
  • TrueCommand Cloud connections
  • Applications UI


These features have been added, but have known issues or are not fully feature-complete. Please use only with caution.

  • Command Line Interface. To access, log in to the web interface and click System Settings > Shell. Enter cli to activate the interface and help to see a list of options.
  • Tasks:
    • Cron
    • Init/Shutdown Scripts
    • S.M.A.R.T. testing
    • Resilver prioritization
    • Periodic Snapshots
    • Rsync
    • Scrub
  • Docker Images deployed as Helm Charts with Kubernetes NVIDIA / Intel Quicksync GPU passthrough (CLI)
  • Wireguard (CLI)
  • Networking and Settings UX Refresh
  • OpenVPN Client and Server
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Certificate Management


These features are still in early development and will be landing in Nightly images of SCALE in the near future.

  • Clustered Datasets API support for TrueCommand
  • TrueCommand Clustering UI for SCALE
  • NFSv4 ACL support

21.02-ALPHA.1 Changelog

New Feature

  • [NAS-100018] - S.M.A.R.T tests not sticky when disk is replaced
  • [NAS-100207] - In smart tests table, add enable/disabled columns
  • [NAS-107146] - Migrate from 12.x to SCALE (Backend / Framework)
  • [NAS-108271] - New alert service: Telegram
  • [NAS-108575] - Allow disabling docker image updates
  • [NAS-108688] - Allow access to pod console from UI
  • [NAS-108689] - Chart release events on chart release resource changes
  • [NAS-108690] - Dynamically create chart release form in UI
  • [NAS-108691] - Ability to retrieve next unused port in middleware for Apps
  • [NAS-108693] - Have ability to search chart releases in UI and have bulk options
  • [NAS-108842] - SCALE: Allow custom App catalogs
  • [NAS-108922] - UI should update chart release status based on chart release events
  • [NAS-108991] - Add ability to update container images in use in a chart release


  • [NAS-100562] - Remove custom themes feature
  • [NAS-100629] - The text in the Shell appears to wrap prematurely even on a sufficiently wide display/screen
  • [NAS-102006] - Improve Alert Settings page
  • [NAS-104469] - Shell does not select text accurately
  • [NAS-105062] - WebUI forces to choose bridge members upon its definition
  • [NAS-106588] - Can't log in to GUI with <enter> when credentials are saved
  • [NAS-107898] - Improve display of Service > UPS driver options
  • [NAS-108143] - [SCALE] Removing all NFS exports requires manual restart of NFS service
  • [NAS-108154] - Limit number of simultaneous replications
  • [NAS-108333] - create ctdb plugin for gluster smb integration
  • [NAS-108444] - lagg interface member menu proposes a vlan interface
  • [NAS-108452] - Restore background cpu dashboard widget updating
  • [NAS-108464] - Dashboard CPU widget does not clear out the old values
  • [NAS-108479] - Mystery Error 3221225867
  • [NAS-108512] - GELI unlock very slow
  • [NAS-108519] - Do not re-use IDs for the various assets in the DB
  • [NAS-108525] - unable to create a jail that has partly the name of another
  • [NAS-108535] - Use smart.test.disk_choices
  • [NAS-108548] - Creating a passphrase for a dataset in UI accepts different passphrases
  • [NAS-108557] - [SCALE] Unable to create a debug
  • [NAS-108571] - Big samba log files in /var/log/samba4 on SCALE
  • [NAS-108586] - Can't remove offline pool
  • [NAS-108600] - Still no Reporting graphs afer 12.0-U1
  • [NAS-108624] - Traceback ISCSIPortalIP
  • [NAS-108625] - Unable to update configuration for FTP service
  • [NAS-108629] - Bad labels for key in NFS Stats (Bytes) graph
  • [NAS-108639] - Cannot configure MTU < 1492
  • [NAS-108640] - Save configuration exports encryption keys regardless of checkbox
  • [NAS-108648] - SMB Home Share not creating user folder
  • [NAS-108655] - cannot exclude an irelevant dataset
  • [NAS-108657] - Not allowed to set schedule for PUSH replication linked to snapshot task
  • [NAS-108660] - SMART test error pre-format is not respected
  • [NAS-108665] - TrueNAS 12.0 U1 email outgoing mail server and port missing
  • [NAS-108666] - netcli operation hangs on uniq
  • [NAS-108675] - Cannot toggle boot flag after pluggin creation
  • [NAS-108685] - Traceback when trying to export an offline pool
  • [NAS-108686] - Bug fix while editing plex chart release form
  • [NAS-108695] - Hide static IP fields when DHCP is set in launch docker image form
  • [NAS-108715] - Reporting graphs aren't functions
  • [NAS-108716] - Inconsistent dialog action button colors
  • [NAS-108721] - Entity Table UX Improvements
  • [NAS-108726] - htop -s segfaults
  • [NAS-108737] - TNSCALE - Upgrading via a new ISO wipes the initial image
  • [NAS-108744] - Launch Docker Image buttion brings up wrong menu screen
  • [NAS-108746] - Saving debug fails (two pools)
  • [NAS-108749] - HTML in text/plain part of the alert email
  • [NAS-108753] - Panic on special_small_blocks > 128KB
  • [NAS-108762] - run time error when configuring ip address on vlan1350 interface from webUI
  • [NAS-108776] - Docker application exposes network as mgmt interface
  • [NAS-108777] - replication allows mountroot to be set to /
  • [NAS-108778] - /run/lock is too small in SCALE
  • [NAS-108786] - 12.0-U1 - Interface reports use inconsistent units
  • [NAS-108792] - [SCALE] Fix VNC Input
  • [NAS-108794] - vlan interface creation wizard : 'parent interface' dropdown menu proposes physical interfaces that are already members of a lagg
  • [NAS-108796] - SMB Error with push replicaton
  • [NAS-108806] - SSH login accepts password although password login is disabled globally when user home is on encrypted volume
  • [NAS-108809] - Installation script does not remove ZFS headers from partition before creating new partition table
  • [NAS-108814] - SMB Service stops responding afer some time. Needs a service restart or system restart to reset
  • [NAS-108816] - Missing network interfaces in SCALE 20.12
  • [NAS-108821] - Network config from dashboard
  • [NAS-108834] - Pod console connection is killed right after it is connected successfully
  • [NAS-108835] - Group members view navigates to dashboard
  • [NAS-108839] - SCALE: Nvidia driver incompatibility in 20.12
  • [NAS-108853] - Missing hover effect on table rows
  • [NAS-108855] - Duplicated enties in the dropdown list of certificates
  • [NAS-108871] - Reporting Disks does not show temperature. HDD Standby is already set to always on.
  • [NAS-108882] - openebs-zfs-plugin zfs-driver uses wrong lib versions
  • [NAS-108883] - Apps page gives Docker Service Error
  • [NAS-108889] - middleware AD health checks can contend with winbindd netlogon connection NT_STATUS_RPC_SEC_PKG_ERROR
  • [NAS-108895] - Cannot save debug
  • [NAS-108906] - Private key should be a mandatory field in the UI when importing CSR
  • [NAS-108907] - Invalid call to disk.query
  • [NAS-108909] - Allow unsetting a pool for Applications in UI
  • [NAS-108916] - Change replication task schedule logic
  • [NAS-108920] - Error when trying to send test email
  • [NAS-108931] - TrueNAS SCALE fails to boot from USB
  • [NAS-108932] - Sending email always causes a broken pipe error
  • [NAS-108952] - Storage tree table missing some columns
  • [NAS-108974] - FreeNAS Certified systems show empty space instead of logo
  • [NAS-108985] - Huge freenas-debug, preventing debug
  • [NAS-108986] - SCALE: unable to change Restart Policy for Apps
  • [NAS-109005] - Shell does not display Greek characters
  • [NAS-109021] - Dashboard widget template error
  • [NAS-109030] - Cannot add iscsi user
  • [NAS-109031] - Default update train is missing in 12.0 U1.1
  • [NAS-109033] - Error while importing certificates
  • [NAS-109038] - Combobox broken
  • [NAS-109039] - After Failover during Manual Update from 11.3-U5 to TrueNAS-12.0-INTERNAL-125 HA failed
  • [NAS-109040] - NTP Server Settings form field size issue
  • [NAS-109041] - Overlapping icons
  • [NAS-109043] - Clean up svg imports in app component
  • [NAS-109045] - CallError - [EFAULT] Failed to set NT password for XXXXXX: Username not found!
  • [NAS-109050] - Fix the year displayed in Display System Processes and the Shell
  • [NAS-109064] - Allow to not retrieve children of a dataset
  • [NAS-109066] - Switch middleware rsync plugin to "new compression"
  • [NAS-109067] - Update image cache after pulling docker image
  • [NAS-109072] - Cannot create second VM on SCALE
  • [NAS-109074] - Add user form template display error
  • [NAS-109076] - UI does not refresh pool status after clicking on refresh
  • [NAS-109079] - Error exporting/disconnecting pools on TrueNAS 12.0
  • [NAS-109080] - Retrieve chart release schema for installed chart releases
  • [NAS-109081] - Optimize retrieval for a single chart release
  • [NAS-109082] - exclude "sr" devices on fenced in SCALE
  • [NAS-109087] - UI dashboard takes very long to show up
  • [NAS-109088] - Make GPU label more descriptive
  • [NAS-109089] - Cog icon overused
  • [NAS-109090] - traceback in libsgio for get_rotation_rate
  • [NAS-109091] - py-sgio doesn't propagate exceptions to caller
  • [NAS-109093] - Don't show clear icon on readonly input fields
  • [NAS-109098] - Minio process does not start with encrypted pool
  • [NAS-109101] - Fetch datastores connecting to vCenter (6.7U3) does not get remote datastores
  • [NAS-109102] - SCALE TFTP does not affect config
  • [NAS-109107] - Build SCALE with Samba 4.14
  • [NAS-109115] - dmidecode error on Disk Testing and Pool Creation
  • [NAS-109136] - Isolate kubernetes cluster
  • [NAS-109138] - fix up ctdb.shared.volume and gluster.volume/peer CRUD APIs
  • [NAS-109142] - SCALE - logging doesn't persist across middleware restarts
  • [NAS-109164] - dont traceback in ctdb.general.healthy
  • [NAS-109170] - start/stop ctdbd service with glusterd
  • [NAS-109176] - add ctdb shared vol validation to gluster.volume CRUD API
  • [NAS-109185] - no smbusers file can not map accounts to email for microsoft accounts
  • [NAS-109194] - handles k3s and VMs on SCALE HA appropriately
  • [NAS-109204] - traceback in ctdb.public.ips.query
  • [NAS-109219] - System not showing alerts for degraded pool, alert email not sent/received
  • [NAS-109228] - Allow running a migration for chart release upgrades
  • [NAS-109230] - zettarepl.datasets_have_encryption
  • [NAS-109231] - Schema changes chart releases
  • [NAS-109233] - Fix lack of whitespace in dialog box
  • [NAS-109234] - Fix potential division-by-zero error
  • [NAS-109237] - Cannot create ACME Certificate
  • [NAS-109238] - CSS regression on input fields.
  • [NAS-109242] - Fix List() schema with multiple dict "items"
  • [NAS-109250] - Fix enclosure.sync_zpool KeyError
  • [NAS-109251] - Fix coroutine never awaited
  • [NAS-109261] - After adding CSR, page needs to be refreshed to see the new CSR
  • [NAS-109262] - Certificate/CSR creation is a job and UI should show errors raised by the job
  • [NAS-109267] - After upgrading chart release UI does not show updated version of app
  • [NAS-109268] - Please wait dialog stays after failing to delete a certificate
  • [NAS-109279] - Allow consumer to specify which properties to retrieve for datasets
  • [NAS-109281] - Application names cannot be modified once installed
  • [NAS-109285] - Send a changed event after chart release upgrade completes
  • [NAS-109286] - Validation error in LibDefaults section for option default_cc_type on Kerberos settings ui page
  • [NAS-109291] - Add validation for catalog label
  • [NAS-109292] - Bug fix for chart release name regex
  • [NAS-109304] - zfs.dataset.create set xattr=sa by default like pool.dataset.create
  • [NAS-109318] - TureNAS SCALE: Applications, Error getting pool data after adding new disk
  • [NAS-109321] - Add basic pseudo service for directory services cache
  • [NAS-109327] - Remove temporary wrapper to start kubernetes service
  • [NAS-109328] - Register events of services as private which are private themselves
  • [NAS-109329] - Unable to create zvol from UI - TrueNAS Scale Nightly
  • [NAS-109336] - Delete snapshots in descendant filesystems as well on chart release upgrade
  • [NAS-109344] - Keep track of catalog repo/branches for installed chart releases

Bug Fixes

  • [NAS-103140] - Don't encapsulate xterm in a mat-card
  • [NAS-103316] - System/Reporting should be embedded into ReportsDashboard
  • [NAS-103438] - Use a better monospaced font in the shell section of webui
  • [NAS-105823] - Move Alert settings to Alert Bar
  • [NAS-107574] - Scale: virtualization - when adding new disk to existing VM, have option to create new zvol
  • [NAS-107663] - New Hosts API for iSCSI
  • [NAS-108151] - UX improvements for System/General global actions
  • [NAS-108324] - Convert Certificate and CA forms to wizards
  • [NAS-108481] - zvol zfs encryption settings missing from UI
  • [NAS-108495] - Missing ix-auto in -> and + button in Sharing/iSCSI/Initiators/Add on 12.0
  • [NAS-108604] - Make restarting/reloading locked attachments optional
  • [NAS-108681] - Use id filter for retrieving root dataset information on UI dashboard
  • [NAS-108725] - Make first column of table data always sticky
  • [NAS-108779] - Add tooltip for tips on webshell page
  • [NAS-108781] - Better UX for entity-wizard
  • [NAS-108782] - Slide out forms should fill viewport height
  • [NAS-108840] - Add session-id filter optimization to smbstatus
  • [NAS-108894] - Display warning if user selects FULL or DEBUG log level for SMB
  • [NAS-108918] - Tooltip for ACL in SMB share GUI form is wrong
  • [NAS-108949] - Better flex rules for global actions
  • [NAS-108950] - Better text input field UX
  • [NAS-108961] - Unbalanced field layout in Edit Disks form
  • [NAS-108968] - Convert services page to entity-table
  • [NAS-108973] - Wasted space in System/Advanced
  • [NAS-109022] - Properly show if there are no installed apps in UI
  • [NAS-109153] - Implement entity-empty on entity-table
  • [NAS-109154] - Implement Entity-empty on Dashboard
  • [NAS-109159] - Update rendering for a list
  • [NAS-109172] - System Advanced Dashboard
  • [NAS-109236] - Do not render variables which have "hide=True" in schema for Apps
  • [NAS-109240] - Have a spinner while loading chart releases
  • [NAS-109256] - Move Email link to Alerts Menu
  • [NAS-109257] - Move Guide link to topbar