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20.10-ALPHA (Angelfish)

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Last Modified 2021-10-05 11:18 EDT

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical Use-caseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC3Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE4General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U15Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+6+Mission CriticalSuitable for critical uptime deployments

October 16, 2020

iXsystems is pleased to release the first Alpha version of TrueNAS SCALE! SCALE is the newest member of the TrueNAS software family. When complete, SCALE will have all major TrueNAS CORE storage and sharing features and web interface based on Debian GNU/Linux. There will also be additional SCALE-specific features that are derived from the application’s Linux base. The major features of SCALE are represented in the application acronym:

  • Scaled-Out ZFS
  • Converged
  • Active-Active
  • Linux Containers
  • Easy to Manage

Initial developer’s notes for TrueNAS SCALE are available on the TrueNAS Documentation Hub. Note that because SCALE shares the same UI as the FreeBSD-based TrueNAS CORE, many of the current documentation articles also apply to SCALE. SCALE feature-specific articles will be added to the TrueNAS SCALE page as the software approaches its first full release.

Code-named Angelfish, TrueNAS SCALE-ALPHA will be following a year.month scheme for versioned releases. Because this is an ALPHA release of the software, not all planned features are present. The status of major features are listed here, along with the full changelog of bug fixes that are part of the SCALE 20.10-ALPHA release.



Verified Features are generally working in SCALE. Minor bugs could be present.

  • Pool Management
  • SMB Shares
  • iSCSI Shares
  • NFS Shares
  • S3 Shares
  • AFP Shares
  • Online / Offline updating
  • Virtual Machines (Using KVM)
  • WebDAV
  • Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting


These features have been added, but have known issues or are not fully feature-complete. Please use only with caution.

  • Cloud Sync Tasks
  • Docker with Kubernetes (CLI)
  • Docker with NVIDIA gpu passthrough flags (CLI)
  • AD / LDAP Directory Services
  • Wireguard (CLI)
  • Networking and Settings UX Refresh


These features are still in early development and will be landing in Nightly images of SCALE in the near future.

  • Applications UI
  • Clustered Datasets API support for TrueCommand
  • TrueCommand Clustering UI for SCALE
  • POSIX 1e / NFSv4 ACL support


As the root user, it is possible to load additional software via the apt package manager commands. This is useful for developers on experimental systems who are trying new features or diagnosing issues. Installing the wrong packages could render a system non-functional and caution should be taken.

Packages downloaded via apt are not persistent. They will not survive an upgrade and may negatively impact normal operation. Users of operational systems should not use the apt command unless advised by the developers. For persistence between upgrades, users should deploy custom packages as containers.

Bug Fixes

NAS-107933Periodic snapshot task calendar is brokenWebUI
NAS-107931Selecting a certificate for LDAP
NAS-107907add better validation to update.manual APIMiddleware
NAS-107886CPU temperature graph always has a drop to zero at the endReporting
NAS-107879Traceback on interface pre syncMiddleware
NAS-107872build syslog-ng with debug symbolsOS
NAS-107859SCALE - Networking Changes aren't fully applied on reboot
NAS-107842Failure to approve acme certCertificates
NAS-107837Can't change security setting for NFS shareWebUI
NAS-107836internal interface on SCALE HA are not being configured on bootMiddleware
NAS-107831fix failover on SCALE HAMiddleware
NAS-107809Attaching screenshots to "File ticket" form has no visual feedback
NAS-107802traceback in hactl along with flake8 fixesMiddleware
NAS-107784nfs alias issues on SCALEWebUI
NAS-107779SCALE HA code running on non-enterprise hardwareMiddleware
NAS-107770fix logic on SCALE HAMiddleware
NAS-107764iface.up() on SCALE HA internal heartbeat interfaceMiddleware
NAS-107763Method 'force' not found in 'failover.fenced'Middleware
NAS-107738fenced is not panic'ing on SCALE HAMiddleware
NAS-107736reporting.realtime Event: Network rates wrongMiddleware
NAS-107724traceback in vrrp_hook_license_updateMiddleware
NAS-107723traceback in failover.sync_from_peerMiddleware
NAS-107720multiple issues with netcliMiddleware
NAS-107707plumb in fenced into failover plugin on SCALE HAMiddleware
NAS-107704add py-sgpersist to scale buildMiddleware
NAS-107703add py-fenced to scale buildMiddleware
NAS-107686trailing slash breaks NFS permanently?NFS
NAS-107678hide vhid option on SCALE HA webUIMiddleware
NAS-107674middleware, Traceback issue at iddleMiddleware
NAS-107664Update bug renders SCALE non bootableMiddleware
NAS-107655JS console error complaining that model property is missingWebUI
NAS-107644glusterd-events service apiMiddleware
NAS-107643glusterd service apiMiddleware
NAS-107617FreeNAS 11.3 upgrade to TrueNAS 12.0RC1 does not migrate user passwordsUpgrades
NAS-107603Replication that worked in 11.3-U4 and 12.0-Beta2 fails in 12.0-RC1Replication
NAS-107587SSH Keypair input validation issue AgainWebUI
NAS-107552Timezone mismatch in reporiting graphsReporting
NAS-107545CloudSync Dryrun isn't dryMiddleware
NAS-107531Comment and restrict change of large blocks support in replicationReplication
NAS-107529Snapshot option missing for Zvol's in contextual menu on pools UISnapshot, WebUI
NAS-107526Failed Error when clicking Expand Pool
NAS-107516S3 Sync Task Part number must be an integer betweenTasks
NAS-107506Additional Domains don't show up on saveMiddleware, WebUI
NAS-107502NetBIOS Alias value is not saved after Server rebootServices
NAS-107483SCALE SMB Shares Unusable
NAS-107479SMART Service Fails to StartSMART
NAS-107436Elements in "Title Bar" no longer ClickableWebUI
NAS-107417NVME disks are listed twice AMD
NAS-107413replication failuresReplication
NAS-107411No Task Manager Progress is shownReplication
NAS-107409nfs shares can be created outside zpool pathMiddleware
NAS-107407Default uid for new users may be less than 1000Middleware
NAS-107402Migration of SMB "show hidden files" option is backwards
NAS-107401Disable autocomplete for 2FA code on login pageWebUI
NAS-107400Inconsistency if root pw is required for DL of encryption keySystem
NAS-107387traceback in peer and volume gluster pluginMiddleware
NAS-107361Truenas Scale: Empty create smb share
NAS-107354Package remote-pdb in SCALEMiddleware
NAS-107353Traceback on available memory for VMMiddleware
NAS-107350Can't import pools from CORE to SCALEZFS
NAS-107348high cpu usage by middleware...slow performanceMiddleware
NAS-107346Problems with listing and deleting jails and pluginsMiddleware
NAS-107332Issue with 2FA in TrueNAS Core 12 Beta2System
NAS-107328ACL editor does not reflect preselected templateWebUI
NAS-107315middlewared memory leakMiddleware
NAS-107314Replicated dataset is not set to read-onlyReplication
NAS-107302Inappropriate message / incorrect handling, when an old config references datasets/vols that no longer exist.WebUI
NAS-107273tracebacks in smb plugin on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-107263When running a scrub from the pools manual it shows a GUI bugConsole
NAS-107260Date columns do not sort correctlyWebUI
NAS-107257WebUI Pool Status emptyWebUI
NAS-107256Cluster of service fails and middleware connections fails, 12-beta2
NAS-107248Snapshot Extra column "Used", incorrect sorting
NAS-107238Cancel doesn't work during install of TrueNAS SCALEBoot Environments
NAS-107235Error when updating a Jail 11.3-RELEASE-p6 to 11.3-RELEASE-p612Middleware
NAS-107229Virtual Machine Next Button and Breadcrumbs BrokenWebUI
NAS-107226middlewared_truenas/plugins/enclosure_/ TypeError line 66Middleware
NAS-107217Theming issues after merge of WIP
NAS-107213SMB Service Save - TypeError occursSMB
NAS-107165Cannot add cache disk to existing pool
NAS-107164Jails not mounting after update to 12.0BETA2
NAS-107158Unable to upload config file in 12.0 BETA2
NAS-107154Fix issue with smb share generation
NAS-107148Generate a random default serial extent
NAS-107143Ensure groupmap entries are properly added / deleted on group.update
NAS-107142Add tests for SMB groupmaps
NAS-107141remove excess logging info when syncing disks
NAS-107140Expand api tests for user
NAS-107135SMB status change does not update passdb/groupmap
NAS-107130Add test to verify builtin users are not smb users
NAS-107129SMART test results doesn't handle 0 results
NAS-107123Add catia mappings for special Apple characters
NAS-107121`failover_aliases` and `failover_virtual_aliases` are being overwritten as empty arraysWebUI
NAS-107120change failover_vhid to type `select` instead of `input`WebUI
NAS-107116allow editing empty interfaces
NAS-107115Newly created builtin users should not default to 'smb'
NAS-107112Strip newline from plugin-properties
NAS-107107Clear any potential stale state after leaving AD domain
NAS-107104ACME DNS renewals don't workCertificates
NAS-107102Report HA in usage statisticsMiddleware
NAS-107101Top bar "resilvering" shows 0% constantly when it's 60% done.
NAS-107100Do not run check_available in a tight loop in case an exception happens
NAS-107099Do not display previous replication task status after deleting it and…
NAS-107085Disable fruit:locking on time machine shares
NAS-107076Expand regression tests for user api
NAS-107074Permissions are incorrect on home directory move
NAS-107073Dashboard interface cards show impossible throughput values
NAS-107069Symlink /usr/share/skel to /etc/skel in FreeBSD
NAS-107067Fix chown of skel directory contents for new local users
NAS-107060NFS statistics GUI are wrong.
NAS-107053Pool in dashboard omits special vdevs from count and statusWebUI
NAS-107052Cannot replicate encrypted datasets
NAS-107050Jails not auto-started after unlocking encrypted iocage dataset
NAS-107046Cannot seem to delete network interfacesWebUI
NAS-107035Swap size setting not honored on 4k sector disksWebUI
NAS-107032Unable to upload 8TB file to backblaze.Middleware
NAS-107031OpenVPN autostart not working
NAS-107029Unable to configure UPS on TrueNAS 12WebUI
NAS-107027Add JRA async DNS patches to samba
NAS-107023Expand list of error strings that should trigger an AD rejoin
NAS-107021Make failover faster by not doing failover.status_refresh when it's not necessary
NAS-107013Leftover debug message for acltype
NAS-107012Omit debug botocore module log
NAS-107011Add idmap regression tests for AD environments
NAS-107009System generated SSH host key does not persist through rebootOS
NAS-107007OpenVPN Service : Additional parameter need to be textareaServices
NAS-106999Human-readable error for deleting used cloud credential
NAS-106998middlewared_truenas/plugins/ AttributeError line 342Middleware
NAS-10699524h clock not shown on dashboardWebUI
NAS-106994OpenVPN Service : Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol
NAS-106993Reassign sys.{stdout,stderr} after log rollover
NAS-106991Reduce SMB-related log entries
NAS-106988Attempting to export/offline share while in use causes crash/exception
NAS-106986Add regression tests for SMB registry configuration
NAS-106984"jls" hostname does not reflect modified hostname
NAS-106981Changing Default ACL Options resetting user changes
NAS-106978Add regression tests for AD machine account keytab generation
NAS-106973kbdmap_choices in SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106972AFP not running on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106966collectd: blank warning emails
NAS-106965qBittorrent Plugin Not InstallingPlugins
NAS-106964Overlapping tooltipsWebUI
NAS-106962Update zettarepl port
NAS-106961Fix bug
NAS-106955Clarify reboot instructions in installerInstallation
NAS-106953Improve validation for SMB service and shares
NAS-106948Recycle bin versioning not enabledMiddleware
NAS-106946AD faulted, no errorDirectory Services
NAS-106941Incorrect parent check when unlocking encrypted datesetMiddleware
NAS-106936Handle ZoL error messages
NAS-106928zettarepl middlewared file descriptor leakMiddleware
NAS-106923traceback in ready_system_sync_keysMiddleware
NAS-106921Expand ACL testing regimen
NAS-106912Make sure ix-shutdown is not stopped after middlewared
NAS-106902VM libvirt connection improvements
NAS-106901Clear out bootready file on boot
NAS-106894webUI no longer allows login on SCALE HAWebUI
NAS-106893run LicenseStatus on ENTERPRISE and SCALE_ENTERPRISE
NAS-106891fix LicenseStatus alert on SCALE
NAS-106889traceback in failover event pluginMiddleware
NAS-106875Add directory services to usage statsMiddleware
NAS-106874WebDAV service tests failingMiddleware
NAS-106872Update py-libzfs port
NAS-106871Fix migrations state
NAS-106866Proper/better errno for failed authenticationMiddleware
NAS-106864SED doesn't work for nvmeMiddleware
NAS-106858Clarify bootloader options to be more verbose
NAS-106854plugin boot checkbox re-enables itselfWebUI
NAS-106851Truenas Scale - Incorrect CPU temperature displayed in Dashboard WidgetDashboard, WebUI
NAS-106850Correctly split on cases where there are multiple '='
NAS-106847Detaching device from boot mirror but not physically removing from the system can cause boot loader confusionMiddleware
NAS-106844KMIP is a TrueNAS Enterprise featureWebUI
NAS-106842Setting IPMI to DHCP should gray-out IP addressesWebUI
NAS-106840setting invalid VHID value fails silently.HA, WebUI
NAS-106833Scale SMB - override build options for statedir and private dir
NAS-106827Remove extra debug statements from directory service refresh
NAS-106826fix hardware detection for M and X on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106825Update zettarepl port
NAS-106822Use path to determine plugin version
NAS-106821Fix handling recoverable errors
NAS-106818When replicating without a Periodic Snapshot task, Recursive is not working.Replication
NAS-106812TrueNAS CORE 12.0 -- Import of certificates is impossible.Certificates, System
NAS-106808Ensure monpwd/monuser fields are provided for UPS service
NAS-106807Cover rm -rfx usages in scale to use --one-file-system
NAS-106806Unknown CARP state NoneMiddleware
NAS-106800Retrieve plugins version data from packagesite.txz
NAS-106798api context /services/iscsi/targettoextent does not allow null value for iscsi_lunidAPI, iSCSI
NAS-106797Periodic Snapshot Tasks - "Enabled" checkboxes are not unique inputsSnapshot, Tasks
NAS-106796Unlock encrypted datasets when initialising KMIP keys
NAS-106795Modify migration to simplified SMB configuration setup
NAS-106794write_if_changed may block the event loop as it does sync file ops
NAS-106789Unable to open UI on recent SCALE ISOWebUI
NAS-106787iSCSI webUI columns COMPLETELY break when editediSCSI, WebUI
NAS-106783Change default hostname to truenas
NAS-106780Treat most of the paramiko errors (e.g. SSH banner errors) as recover…
NAS-106773Host guest configuration for KVM guests
NAS-106770iocage upgrade of existing jail not functionalMiddleware
NAS-106768fix HA API testsAPI
NAS-106764SNMP FREENAS-MIB not workingServices
NAS-106763New Replication tasks fail on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106751Disk power management is FreeBSD specificMiddleware
NAS-106750Traceback syncing routesMiddleware
NAS-106748Traceback on user creationMiddleware
NAS-106747User page doing invalid sharing.smb.query callWebUI
NAS-106740Error when entering email address in UPS setup.WebUI
NAS-106735Add support for nested VM's in SCALE
NAS-106734fix SCALE API for configuring networkMiddleware
NAS-106732adding or deleting alias on HA systems cause DISAGREE_CARP alertMiddleware
NAS-106730Update Samba to 4.12.5
NAS-106729Samba s3:smbd - add acl_brand to struct connection_struct
NAS-106728Fixes for pkg in latest 12-stable
NAS-106726Donot collect jails/plugins usage in SCALE
NAS-106723traceback when configuring an alias on HA systemsMiddleware
NAS-106722Update zettarepl port
NAS-106721deleting interface on HA system does not remove info from standbyMiddleware
NAS-106719service middlewared restart leaves orphaned processes behindMiddleware
NAS-106716Update migrate113 port
NAS-106714critical interfaces are being marked as non-criticalMiddleware
NAS-106713Cron job still runs despite being deactivated and then deletedTasks
NAS-106707falover -> failover
NAS-106703Ensure that permissions for tmp are correct during smb.configure
NAS-106702SMB shares mounted in Windows cannot set the sparse flag
NAS-106697We'll have to replicate system dataset if we want full replication
NAS-106694Samba:s3:modules:aio_fbsd - remove extra calloc()/free()
NAS-106693Only map partitions which have valid partition uuid
NAS-106692Fix VM console command
NAS-106691Update zettarepl port
NAS-106690Can't clear Kerberos Principal from GUIWebUI
NAS-106688Fix validation check for user quotas
NAS-106683Use correct rsync path for SCALE
NAS-106682Validation Error on creation of Manual SSH Connection for Replication TaskReplication
NAS-106681Fix stdout read
NAS-106673Cannot export pool with system dataset onMiddleware
NAS-106672resilver progress not updatedDashboard
NAS-106671Inconsistency in pool health widgetsDashboard
NAS-106665Browser cache issues cause tables to malfunctionWebUI
NAS-106653System → Advanced lacks syslog optionsWebUI
NAS-106648Make registry configuration aware of locked datasets
NAS-106642Fix TN HA NFS config validation
NAS-106641VM Console should use shell endpoint in middlewareWebUI
NAS-106640Do not update grub on first boot when system is ready
NAS-106639Fix traceback in ldap.conf generation script when AD enabled
NAS-106638Fix regression in winacl's chown()
NAS-106634Do not check ABI difference on upgrades
NAS-106632Unable to list or manage plugins in UIPlugins
NAS-106626Update zettarepl port
NAS-106625Cannot add/apply network interface option
NAS-106620Prevent users from setting user / group quota on id 0
NAS-106616Delete BE option not visible in SCALEWebUI
NAS-106613Always add server auth extension to default certificate created
NAS-106612CLONE - OpenVPN Service configuration issuesCertificates, Networking, Services
NAS-106611Don't log libvirt connection failure if there are no vm's
NAS-106610Move plugins from official plugins list to community plugins
NAS-106599Add timeout for ix-etc service
NAS-106598iscsi portal IP traceback in webUIMiddleware
NAS-106589fix(midclt): properly handle job call to show progress and not rewind
NAS-106587disabling wsdd causes tracebackMiddleware
NAS-106584Unable to access serial console for VM'sWebUI
NAS-106583FreeNAS disks forget their assigned poolZFS
NAS-106582unable to upgrade from master to internalMiddleware
NAS-106581Traceback in interface.queryMiddleware
NAS-106579Remove deprecated AD parameters
NAS-106577SMB using LDAP will not start when restoring a configuration on new systemDirectory Services, SMB, System
NAS-106575Fix 12 config upload
NAS-106574Remove exra wait argument from dhclient start
NAS-106571Make sure we move uploaded config to tn db location in scale
NAS-106570Error creating user "File not found error" "/usr/share/skel"System
NAS-106569Static Route API not workingMiddleware
NAS-106568Empty attributes in interface.queryMiddleware
NAS-106563update-grub error on API testsMiddleware
NAS-106547Changing DHCP to static with BPF enabled doesn't clear IP config completely.Plugins
NAS-106546Move radarr/sonarr to community repoPlugins
NAS-106545All passwords are visible while unlocking datasetsWebUI
NAS-106541Cloud Sync to Backblaze B2 failsTasks
NAS-106538Expose method to retrieve list of all systemd units
NAS-106537Form submission does not lead back to listing extentsWebUI
NAS-106535Make sure netcli features work in SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106531Get rid of swapsize on TrueNAS for data disksMiddleware, WebUI
NAS-106530Donot create swap partition for TN enterprise on pool creation
NAS-106528Order datasets alphabetically in Storage screenWebUI
NAS-106527Change wording when we create zfs encrypted poolsWebUI
NAS-106520Fix product type on VM'sMiddleware
NAS-106518Detach option not appearing in pool manager (needed to promote a spare)WebUI
NAS-106517Replication tasks - entire dataset keeps being resentReplication
NAS-106497Recursive Replication via GUI not possibleReplication
NAS-106486Custom update server for SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106483Label "Overview" translate does not work in some widgets
NAS-106482NVMe reservation in fencedMiddleware
NAS-106480Investigating having zinject in zfs packageMiddleware
NAS-106479Query middleware to determine types of tunables to be exposed in UIWebUI
NAS-106473Unable to use Active Directory Account for new Rsync ModuleWebUI
NAS-106469Trivial Screen Display BugDashboard
NAS-106455OpenVPN Service configuration issuesCertificates, Networking, Services
NAS-106442locked dataset exported via nfsNFS
NAS-106435ZFS replicate recursive fails: No such file or directoryConsole, Replication, ZFS
NAS-106430failover.force_master is freebsd specificMiddleware
NAS-106417status method in failover plugin calls freeBSD specific methodsMiddleware
NAS-106405enclosure detection tracebackMiddleware
NAS-106390SSH error messages filling up console during ZFS replicationMiddleware
NAS-106381get rid of /tmp/failover.jsonMiddleware
NAS-106380carp related methods in failover plugin are freebsd specificMiddleware
NAS-106343syslog-ng not working on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106342netcli doesnt work on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106338internal_interfaces method is freeBSD specificMiddleware
NAS-106333sync_internal_ip method is freeBSD/CARP specificMiddleware
NAS-106325generic method for random string generationMiddleware
NAS-106324fix wsclient on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106323make hactl work on SCALEMiddleware
NAS-106181avahi-daemon spams logs on TN HA systemsOS
NAS-106177Package minioMiddleware
NAS-106110UPS ups is on battery power alerts since upgrade to 11.3Middleware
NAS-106087Setup iSNS server(s) in the labiSCSI
NAS-106004SED disks not unlocking at bootWebUI
NAS-105645zfs-stats -a shows unknown oids and divide by 0OS
NAS-105511vfs.zfs.arc.max at 16GiB if not set manually on 32GiB system, nightly 12.0OS
NAS-105156Upgraded to 11.3, Cloud Sync to B2 rclone failingMiddleware
NAS-105099Periodic Snapshot are missing the lifetime in its name
NAS-104906Rsync tasks view shows incorrect remote pathTasks
NAS-104837Investigate usgae of pyudevd to simplify disk retrieval code
NAS-104665Investigate automatic builds for TN Scale packagesBuild system
NAS-104615Create a dump on disk for linuxMiddleware
NAS-102808Running Cloud Sync tasks keep on running after deletion in GUICloud Credentials, Middleware
NAS-101008iSCSI extents on all-flash pool should have option serseq set to "off"iSCSI, Middleware