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Last Modified 2021-10-05 11:18 EDT

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical Use-caseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC3Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE4General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U15Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+6+Mission CriticalSuitable for critical uptime deployments

April 13, 2021

iXsystems is excited to announce TrueNAS 12.0-U3 was released today and marks an important milestone in the transition from FreeNAS to TrueNAS. TrueNAS 12.0 is now considered by iXsystems to be a higher quality release than FreeNAS 11.3-U5, our previous benchmark. The new TrueNAS documentation site has also reached a point where it has more content and capabilities than FreeNAS. TrueNAS 12.0 is ready for mission-critical enterprise deployments.

TrueNAS 12.0 is the official merger of FreeNAS and TrueNAS into a unified software image accompanied by a long list of features and performance improvements. Nearly all of the significant bugs were resolved in TrueNAS 12.0-U2 .

With new features, improved performance, and higher quality, TrueNAS 12.0-U3 becomes the default release for new systems. Any new bugs or security vulnerabilities found in FreeNAS 11.3 will be resolved through updates in TrueNAS 12.0. FreeNAS 11.3-U5 will be the last FreeNAS release and it was a very good release.

How did we make that assessment? Over 50% of FreeNAS 11.3 systems and 20% of TrueNAS Enterprise systems have upgraded to TrueNAS 12.0. These transitions since 12.0-U2 have been very smooth. With TrueNAS 12.0, OpenZFS 2.0 has outperformed the previous versions of ZFS both in our lab and user environments and has proven to be even more robust at scale.

TrueNAS 12.0-U3 resolves some minor bugs and is an easy web update. Where possible, avoid updating the zpool feature flags until you are finished validating your performance and functionality.

TrueNAS 12.0-U3 Changelog

New Feature

  • [NAS-100742] - Sysctl for nvdimm zeroing
  • [NAS-107219] - Allow no password sudo with commands (API)
  • [NAS-109169] - Config upload / factory reset for TN HA
  • [NAS-109458] - Need "-d sat" on RI-SSD drives in debug/SMART
  • [NAS-110059] - Add bios alerts if bios is to old


Bug Fixes

  • [NAS-107622] - Plugin creation guide not consistent about usage of dots in name
  • [NAS-107909] - Plex jail responds do DHCP requests
  • [NAS-107997] - Nextcloud plugin management interface is unreachable in TrueNAS Enterprise
  • [NAS-108132] - services: SMB: auxiliary parameters: allow empty lines and comments
  • [NAS-108154] - Limit number of simultaneous replications
  • [NAS-108421] - Missing stats in virtual memory (psutil)
  • [NAS-108507] - Saving kerberos domain has no effect
  • [NAS-108586] - Can't remove offline pool
  • [NAS-108599] - SMB shares not accessible after reboot until avahi (mDNS) is restarted
  • [NAS-108630] - Bad key labels for the UPS battery statistics and time remaining graphs
  • [NAS-108706] - Winbind exited on signal 6 (core dumped)
  • [NAS-108810] - Locking issue in LAGG driver, while using VLANs with e1000, may result in Kernel Panic while booting
  • [NAS-108857] - KeePass containers disappeared after save
  • [NAS-108874] - Missing exec_fib from gui (jail networking tab) for jail creation and edit since upgrade to Truenas core 12.0U1
  • [NAS-108891] - Panics on NULL-dereference in zfs_onexit_destroy()
  • [NAS-108924] - Edit ZVOL → wrong compression property selected by default
  • [NAS-108932] - Sending email always causes a broken pipe error
  • [NAS-108940] - NFS Stats (Bytes) reflects NFS client stats, not server stats
  • [NAS-108956] - Can not resume "import disk" after reboot
  • [NAS-108990] - Aborted disk import job is displayed as completed
  • [NAS-109006] - SQL error generated when trying to create iSCSI authorized access group
  • [NAS-109014] - SMART not reporting properly on SAS drives since r5022. Was working in r4883
  • [NAS-109020] - SSH service failed to start - After Upgrade from Freenas - Hostkey missing
  • [NAS-109030] - Cannot add iscsi user
  • [NAS-109031] - Default update train is missing in 12.0 U1.1
  • [NAS-109032] - SMB User Password "Lost" on Reboot
  • [NAS-109033] - Error while importing certificates
  • [NAS-109034] - Emailing alerts sometimes happens before the network interface is online (and fails)
  • [NAS-109038] - Combobox broken
  • [NAS-109043] - Clean up svg imports in app component
  • [NAS-109045] - CallError - [EFAULT] Failed to set NT password for XXXXXX: Username not found!
  • [NAS-109049] - Fix the Copyright year
  • [NAS-109052] - Idmap GUI issue after adding trusted domain.
  • [NAS-109065] - s3:modules:full_audit - avoid log spam
  • [NAS-109066] - Switch middleware rsync plugin to "new compression"
  • [NAS-109087] - UI dashboard takes very long to show up
  • [NAS-109098] - Minio process does not start with encrypted pool
  • [NAS-109100] - Exporting jail fails
  • [NAS-109101] - Fetch datastores connecting to vCenter (6.7U3) does not get remote datastores
  • [NAS-109134] - CLONE - Fix the year displayed in Display System Processes and the Shell
  • [NAS-109158] - s3:modules:ixnas - fix ntacl handling for linux clients with cifsacl
  • [NAS-109177] - Clean up LDAP error messages and fix call to set ldap passwd
  • [NAS-109181] - Replication Task does not honour Run Automatically
  • [NAS-109183] - Disk usage sorting is alphaneumeric, not by actual space used
  • [NAS-109230] - zettarepl.datasets_have_encryption
  • [NAS-109233] - Fix lack of whitespace in dialog box
  • [NAS-109234] - Fix potential division-by-zero error
  • [NAS-109254] - ARC demand_metadata graph error
  • [NAS-109273] - SMB share is unavailable because it uses a locked dataset
  • [NAS-109277] - s3:modules:zfsacl/ixnas - fix SD control flags
  • [NAS-109296] - exclusive sleep mutex CAM device lock
  • [NAS-109310] - New Firmware for EOL E16 Shelf validated
  • [NAS-109311] - OpenStack Swift auth_version verification fails
  • [NAS-109341] - VM libvirtError - internal error: client socket is closed
  • [NAS-109350] - CLONE - Bad key labels for the UPS battery statistics and time remaining graphs
  • [NAS-109352] - net/samba - update to 4.12.11
  • [NAS-109361] - update python3.8.5 to 3.8.7
  • [NAS-109371] - Can't delete VM without deleting snaps first
  • [NAS-109373] - latency on the lo0
  • [NAS-109376] - fix py-zettarepl port build failure on truenas/12.0-stable
  • [NAS-109379] - Pool widget vdev list display issue
  • [NAS-109398] - Replication of ZVOLs stopped working after upgrade from 11.3-U5 to 12.0-U2
  • [NAS-109403] - Replication task prograss is showing wrong units
  • [NAS-109408] - LSI3008 firmware image not found
  • [NAS-109419] - top -m io command shows no read/write metrics under 12.0
  • [NAS-109420] - libvirtd.core on upgrade to 12.0-U2
  • [NAS-109430] - Improve error handling for directory services
  • [NAS-109434] - Resolve issues with joining Active Directory Domains
  • [NAS-109435] - API Call systemGeneralUiRestartGet gives no response
  • [NAS-109444] - VSS Shadowcopy doesn't work after update to 12.0
  • [NAS-109452] - disk.query doesn't fire event on removal
  • [NAS-109454] - Improve handling for corefile alerts
  • [NAS-109459] - Try enabling capabilities at once for interfaces
  • [NAS-109474] - Reconfigure zettarepl_file logger on system dataset reconfiguration
  • [NAS-109486] - cxgb driver causes reboots under 12.0-U2
  • [NAS-109509] - Replication says finished, but actually has error "cannot receive org.truenas:managedby property"
  • [NAS-109510] - Destination dataset already exists and is it's own encryption root.
  • [NAS-109511] - Error when checking SMART TEST Results on SSD Cache/LOG
  • [NAS-109523] - S3 listen only to https
  • [NAS-109531] - pool.dataset.query should not return the boot pool
  • [NAS-109534] - Fix service query
  • [NAS-109548] - Snapshots can't be deleted from gui
  • [NAS-109550] - Export Key option visible when using passphrase encryption
  • [NAS-109581] - products filter in alert not working
  • [NAS-109582] - Improve UI error handling - [object Object] while taking a debug
  • [NAS-109585] - Give proper replication and periodic snapshot task debug
  • [NAS-109586] - R50 panics on boot after upgrade to 12.0-U2.1
  • [NAS-109595] - R50 bezel picture in dashboard is out of date
  • [NAS-109596] - R50 enclosure view has issues with drive selection/highlighting on bottom row
  • [NAS-109597] - FailoverService HA_MODE/HA_LICENSED not working
  • [NAS-109598] - Vulenribilty found in Web UI
  • [NAS-109599] - traceback in jail_freebsd
  • [NAS-109602] - traceback in libvirt event_loop_connection
  • [NAS-109604] - Merge FreeBSD EN-21:06-10 SA-21:03-10
  • [NAS-109610] - HA systems only deliver debug for active node when a proxy is configured
  • [NAS-109643] - Adjust default NFSv4 ACL for new datasets
  • [NAS-109645] - The following system core files were found: sshd.core
  • [NAS-109654] - NFS exports (re)created with unescaped spaces from dataset
  • [NAS-109656] - replication does not work after upgrade to 12.0-U2.1
  • [NAS-109661] - s3:modules:ixnas - enable zfsacl_map_modify by default
  • [NAS-109678] - s3:smbd:open - add support for kernel dosmodes
  • [NAS-109680] - Upgrade to 12-U2.1 Failure
  • [NAS-109684] - Enable SA-based xattrs on all new datasets
  • [NAS-109687] - R20 doesn't recognize its own enclosure
  • [NAS-109694] - Initial protocol testing for SMB using pylibsmb
  • [NAS-109700] - Support mailcfg[fromname]
  • [NAS-109702] - Retrieve build time without authentication
  • [NAS-109704] - Prevent users from changing kerberos realm while AD enabled.
  • [NAS-109705] - All replication hangs until system is rebooted after getting SSHException
  • [NAS-109722] - no doc.txz in 12.0 -- jail creation failure
  • [NAS-109724] - allow failover.status in rest api
  • [NAS-109732] - Clear various AD-related caches when service explicitly stopped
  • [NAS-109733] - regression with threads in py3.8
  • [NAS-109734] - Fix RcloneVerboseLogCutter
  • [NAS-109739] - Snapshots deletion confirmation page does not display snapshot names
  • [NAS-109740] - "Select all snapshots" checkbox behaves unexpectedly
  • [NAS-109741] - Allow better progress report for core.bulk
  • [NAS-109743] - Explicitly set tdbsam as passdb backend when stopping ldap
  • [NAS-109767] - fix ENOMETHOD on kmip.update_memory_keys on HA upgrades
  • [NAS-109790] - Add initial tests for alternate datastream support
  • [NAS-109801] - Some LDAP configuration fields are empty after upgrading
  • [NAS-109805] - Add regression tests for domain sid modifications
  • [NAS-109808] - Fix typo in nis.get_cache
  • [NAS-109865] - Add dependencies to SMB SID tests
  • [NAS-109901] - Truecommand service does not start after failover
  • [NAS-109911] - CRUDService.query: handle force_sql_filters
  • [NAS-109939] - NVMe re-attach after hotplug is not successful
  • [NAS-109966] - netcli doesn't allow failover configuration of interfaces on Enterprise but does on Core
  • [NAS-110032] - HA network setup wrong in 12.0-U2.1
  • [NAS-110114] - Fix TrueNASMOldBIOSVersionAlertSource
  • [NAS-110127] - Traceback in sync to peer

Known Issues

NAS-110097netcli does not generate carp password on HA systemsSet a CARP password and do not leave it blank when using the CLI to configure the high availability (HA) feature.
NAS-106992Persistent L2ARC is disabled by default.While the underlying issues have been fixed, this setting continues to be disabled by default for additional performance investigation. To manually reactivate persistent L2ARC, log in to the TrueNAS Web Interface, go to System > Tunables, and add a new tunable with these values:
  • Type = sysctl
  • Variable = vfs.zfs.l2arc.rebuild_enabled
  • Value = 1
TrueNAS "root" user account cannot be an SMB user.This is an intentional change to improve software security and suitability for deployment in a variety of environments. Update the SMB configuration to use a different user account.