Legacy Engine (11.3) Replication

How to create a replication task using the previous FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.2 replication engine.

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Creating a legacy replication requires creating an SSH connection to the remote system and snapshots generated by a periodic snapshot task.

Process Summary

  • Create SSH connection to remote system in System > SSH Connections
  • Create a periodic snapshot task of the source datasets in Tasks > Periodic Snapshot Tasks
  • Go to Tasks > Replication Tasks and open the advanced creation screen.
    • Set Transport to LEGACY
    • Select SSH connection to remote system
    • Choose source datasets related to the periodic snapshot task
    • Set a target location on the remote system

Creating a Legacy Engine Replication

Go to Tasks > Replication Tasks, click ADD, and select the advanced replication option.

Set the replication transport method to LEGACY to reorganize the screen to show only the relevant options.

Choose the SSH connection to the remote system that will store replicated snapshots.

Select the source datasets on the local system using the file browser or manually enter the path into the field. To also replicate snapshots of child datasets, set the recursive option.

To choose the replication target, open the file browser and select the dataset to store snapshots. Entering a path to a new dataset will create that target in the defined location.

The remaining options allow you to define how long to keep replicated snapshots, compress data before replication, and set a bandwidth limit on the transfer.

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