Wiping Disks

How to delete data from a disk.

  2 minute read

The Wipe function is used to delete obsolete data off an unused disk.

Clicking Wipe offers several options:

  • Quick - Erases only the partitioning information on a disk, making it easy to reuse but without clearing other old data. Quick wipes take only a few seconds.
  • Full with zeros - Overwrites the entire disk with zeros and can take several hours to complete.
  • Full with random - Overwrites the entire disk with random binary code and takes even longer than Full with zeros to complete.


Go to Storage > Disks. Click on > to the right of the disk you have chosen to wipe. A basic description of the disk will be provided. Click on WIPE. Dialog will show the Name of the disk (da1, da2, ada4 etc.) and Method. Click on Method. Dropdown will show the different wipe options available.

After choosing the appropriate method, click WIPE. A dialog prompts Wipe this disk?. Verify the name to ensure you have the correct disk chosen. Check Confirm and click CONTINUE. Wipe progress is shown in a dialog.

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