Advanced Procedures

Articles describing advanced procedures.

Managing Access Control Lists

How to open an Access Control List (ACL) and add or remove Access Control Entries (ACEs).

Changing the System Dataset

A how-to on changing the system dataset.

Configuring High Availability

How to set up and manage High Availability (HA) in TrueNAS Enterprise

Configuring System Tunables

A how-to for adding system Tunables in TrueNAS.

Managing Boot Environments

How to create, activate, or generally manage boot environments.

Mirroring the Boot Pool

How to add a second drive and mirror the system boot pool.

Replacing Disks

How to replace a failed disk.

Upgrading a Pool

How to upgrade a storage pool.

Using Plugins

How to install or configure application plugins.

Virtual Machines

How to set up a Virtual Machine.

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