Advanced Procedures

Articles describing advanced features and procedures.

Dataset Permissions

How to open an Access Control List (ACL) and add or remove Access Control Entries (ACEs).

Changing the System Dataset

A how-to on changing the system dataset.

Configuring High Availability

How to set up and manage High Availability (HA) in TrueNAS Enterprise

Configuring System Tunables

How to tune the system.

Enabling KMIP

How to integrate TrueNAS Enterprise key management with a Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) server.

Extending a Storage Pool

How to add additional storage to an existing pool

Init/Shutdown Scripts

How to add commands or scripts that automatically run when TrueNAS starts or begins to shut down.

Installing Software in a Jail

How to install software in a jail using FreeBSD packages.


How to create, manage, and update a FreeBSD jail.

Managing Boot Environments

How to create, activate, or generally manage boot environments.

Mirroring the Boot Pool

How to add a second drive and mirror the system boot pool.

Overprovisioning SLOG SSDs

Replacing Disks

How to replace a failed disk.

UPS Configuration

Using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with TrueNAS.

Using Plugins

How to install or configure application plugins.

Virtual Machines

How to set up a Virtual Machine.

Wiping Disks

How to delete data from a disk.