Administrative Tasks

/etc/hosts IP Persistence

How to have IP addresses added to /etc/hosts persist across reboots.

Backing up System Configuration

A how-to for backing up the system configuration.

Configuring System Alerts

How to configure basic system alerts

Managing Groups

How to add or manage user account Groups.

Managing Users

How to add or manage user accounts.

Disk Temperature Reporting

How to find and monitor the temperature of disks in the system.

NTP Servers

Managing NTP Servers

Setting up Certificate Authorities

A how-to for creating and importing certificate authorities (CAs) in TrueNAS.

Setting up Certificates

A how-to for creating and importing certificates in TrueNAS.

System Reporting

A how-to guide on configuring basic reports.

The GUI Shell

Using the GUI Shell in TrueNAS.

Updating TrueNAS

Using the web interface to update TrueNAS.

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