System Administration

Additional tutorials detailing system alerts, reporting, configuration backups, and other administrative tasks.

TrueNAS can also integrate with TrueCommand for system administration, including automated backup and restore, system updates, alert monitoring, and more. To learn more about the powerful and scalable system management that TrueCommand provides, see the TrueCommand documentation.

/etc/hosts IP Persistence

How to have IP addresses added to /etc/hosts persist across reboots.

Backing up the System Configuration

How-to download a copy of the current TrueNAS configuration.

Managing the Enclosure

Overview of options for configuring the TrueNAS hardware and connnected systems

Disk Temperature Reporting

How to find and monitor the temperature of disks in the system.

NTP Servers

Managing NTP Servers

System Reporting

A how-to guide on configuring basic reports.

The GUI Shell

Using the GUI Shell in TrueNAS.