TrueNAS vCenter Plugin Documentation

Articles about and using the TrueNAS vCenter Plugin.

The vCenter Plugin is available for TrueNAS Enterprise customers who wish to have additional TrueNAS management options in their existing vCenter deployment. To request the plugin, please contact iXsystems Support.

TrueNAS vCenter Plugin v3.3.0

Release notes for plugin version 3.3.0.

TrueNAS vCenter Plugin Installation

TrueNAS vCenter Plugin installation: note for Enterprise customers.

Managing TrueNAS Hosts in vCenter

How to add and configure TrueNAS hosts in vCenter.

TrueNAS Datastores

How to add and modify TrueNAS datastores in vCenter.

TrueNAS Snapshots

How to schedule and manage data snapshots in vCenter.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

How to configure individual vCenter user access to TrueNAS hosts.