Configuring a WebDAV Share

How to create a general purpose WevDAV share.

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A Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) share makes it easy to share a TrueNAS dataset and its contents over the web.

To get started, make sure a dataset has been created. This dataset stores the data that will be shared. If a dataset already exists, proceed to turning the WebDAV service on.

WebDAV Service

To access a WebDAV share, make sure the related system service is activated. To turn on the WebDAV service, go to Services and click the slider for WebDAV. If you want to activate the service when the TrueNAS system boots, set Start Automatically.

The WebDAV service settings can be configured by clicking . It is recommended to set a new WebDAV password and use the HTTPS protocol. Using HTTPS as the protocol requires an SSL certificate. The freenas_default certificate can be used.

The HTTP and HTTPS ports are also configurable. Make sure that the port assigned to the WebDAV share isn’t already in use on the network. Don’t forget to click SAVE when changing any settings.

WebDAV Share

Now it is time to create the WebDAV share. Go to Sharing > WebDAV Shares and click ADD.

Enter a descriptive name for the share and use the file browser to select the dataset to be shared. An optional Description can be set to help identify the share. To disable modifying the shared data, set Read Only.

By default, Change User & Group Ownership is set. This setting changes existing ownership of ALL files in the share to user webdav and group webdav. If unset, ownership of files to be accessed through WebDAV must be manually set to the webdav or www user/group. It is recommended to keep this option set.

By default, a new WebDAV share is enabled after creation. To create the share but not immediately enable it, unset Enable. Clicking SUBMIT creates the share.

Connecting to the WebDAV Share

After creating and activating the share, you can access the shared data by entering protocol://IPaddressofTrueNAS:portNumber/shareName in a web browser, where protocol is the protocol configured for the service (HTTP or HTTPS), IPaddressofTrueNAS is the IP address of the TrueNAS system, portNumber is the port number configured in the WebDAV service, and shareName is the name that was set when the share was created.

When first accessing the share in the browser, a username and password is required. Currently, the ony user supported is webdav. Enter the username webdav and the password that was set in the WebDAV service.

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