Set up SMB share as a Home Share

Creating a personal storage share for your team with one SMB share.

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Set up SMB with Use as Home Share

TrueNAS offers the Use as Home Share option for organizations or SMEs looking to offer a single SMB share where each user has access to a personal directory.

This feature can only be set once in TrueNAS. Should additional shares need to be set, it is possible, but on an individual share basis just as detailed in the general SMB sharing article.

Create a new dataset, e.g. ourhome. Select SMB as the Share Type.

Edit the permissions of the share and change the ACL preset to HOME.

Go to Sharing > Windows Shares (SMB).

Select the appropriate dataset (previously named ‘ourhome’). Under purpose select No presets, then click ADVANCED OPTIONS and select Use as Home Share.

When setting a home share the name of the share must be the same as the dataset name.

Under Accounts, select Users and click ADD. Create a new user name and password. By default, the user’s Home Directory will be a new data set with his/her user name used as the subdirectory of the ourhome dataset.

If existing users require access to this Home Share, click the user, select Edit, and simply adjust their home directory to the appropriate dataset and give it a name to create their own personal directory.

Once user permisions have been set accordingly, users will be able to log in to the common share with each having his/her own folder.