ZFS Datasets

How to create a ZFS dataset.

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A ZFS pool is required for creating a ZFS dataset. See Creating a new ZFS Pool.

To create a dataset in the desired pool, go to Storage > Pools and click . Next, click Add Dataset.

To quickly create a dataset with the default options, enter a name for the dataset and click SAVE. To see additional options for the dataset, click ADVANCED MODE. Dataset options can also be edited after creation. To edit a dataset, click . Then, click Edit Options.

Child datasets can also be created. A child dataset is simply a dataset within another dataset. The process for creating a child dataset is the same as creating a normal dataset. First, find a dataset that will store the new child dataset. Click   and Add Dataset. Enter a name for the child dataset and click SAVE.

For information regarding the exporting dataset keys, see Creating a new ZFS Pool.

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