Managing TLS Ciphers

Controlling which TLS Ciphers are enabled for TrueNAS

  1 minute read

This feature was introduced in TrueNAS 12.0

You can adjust which Transport Layer Security (TLS) cipher suites TrueNAS accepts for secure connections to the web interface. For best security, only use TLS 1.2 or newer versions. By default, all options are available if you need to adjust this setting to match your particular network environment or security concerns.

Allowing or Restricting TLS Ciphers

Log in to the web interface and go to System > General:

Click on HTTPS Protocols to open a dropdown menu with the various cipher suites. Unsetting a cipher restricts its use in TrueNAS. After enabling or disabling a cipher, the TrueNAS system must be rebooted.

Last modified December 18, 2020: Update (d50a05eb)