Installing and Updating

Procedures to install TrueNAS on various platforms or update existing TrueNAS installations.

Installing TrueNAS for the First Time

How to obtain and install TrueNAS on physical hardware.

Virtual Machine (VM)

A how-to on the process of installing TrueNAS into a VM.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Deployment

How to create a TrueNAS image and deploy it on Amazon Web Services.

ISO Verification

How to cryptographically verify TrueNAS .iso files.

Major Version Upgrades With ISO

Upgrade path for major TrueNAS versions and how to use an .iso file to update TrueNAS.

Updating a High Availability System

How to update a High Availability (HA) TrueNAS Enterprise system.

Updating TrueNAS

Update the version of TrueNAS on your system