Changing User Preferences

A how-to for changing user preferences.

  2 minute read

To access user preferences, click > Preferences. This page has options to adjust global settings in the web interface, manage custom themes, and create new themes.

To change the theme, select a theme from the Choose Theme dropdown. Prefer buttons with icons only can be set to only display icons and tooltips instead of text labels. When Enable Password Toggle is set, appears next to password fields. The button can be used to toggle the visibility of the password. To display the legacy FreeNAS branding, set Retro Logo. Set Reset Table Columns to Default to reset all tables to display default columns.

If a included theme doesn’t satisfy your preference, a fully custom theme can be created. To start creating a custom theme, click CREATE NEW THEME. Colors from an existing theme can be used when creating a new custom theme. Select a theme from the Load Colors from Theme dropdown to use the colors from that theme for the new custom theme. The fields are as follows:

  • Custom Theme Name: Enter a name to identify the new theme.

  • Menu Label: Enter a short name to use in the TrueNAS web interface menus.

  • Description: Enter a short description of the new theme.

  • Choose Primary: Choose from either a generic color or import a specific color setting to use as the primary theme color. The primary color changes the color of many of the buttons.

  • Choose Accent: Choose from either a generic color or import a specific color setting to use as the accent color for the theme. This color is used for many of the buttons and smaller elements in the web interface.

  • Choose Topbar: Changes the color of the top menu bar in the web interface.

For even more fine tuning, click the COLORS tab. Here, colors can be changed using the slider or by entering hexadecimal values.

When complete, click SUBMIT. TrueNAS automatically switches to newly created theme and adds it to the Choose Theme dropdown.