Step-by-step instructions for contributing to TrueNAS documentation.

The TrueNAS project welcomes all documentation contributions! We’re using Hugo to create this documentation website and the Docsy theme for general website styling. Articles are written in a combination of Markdown and HTML syntax.

The tutorials in this section are designed to guide you with different kinds of documentation contributions. There is also an article template that you can copy and use to submit new articles. Please feel free to propose changes and add new content in these articles to help others learn how to contribute to project documentation!

Want to discuss your in-progress changes or other TrueNAS contributions? The TrueNAS contributors #truenas-docs Slack workspace is available for contributors to discuss their changes and help each other improve the software. You can request to join this workspace at

Updating Content

Adding a New Article

How to add a new article to the Documentation Hub.

Style Guide

Markdown Template for New Articles

An Example of the Article Template for Documentation usage.

Create a Plugin for TrueNAS Core

How to create a community plugin for TrueNAS Core.

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