Monitoring TrueCommand Activity

How to monitor TrueCommand user activity.

  1 minute read

TrueCommand records all user account activity in a system log. For example, if a user deletes a system from TrueCommand, the log records which user deleted it along with other information associated with the deleted system.

To view the system log, open the Configure (Gear) menu and click Logs.

All system log entries are shown by default. To hide specific categories of log entry, make selections in the Hide drop down. All system logs can be displayed again by clicking SHOW ALL. Logs can also be filtered by searching in the Filter text field.

Click an entry in the log to show detailed information about the event. You can also click DOWNLOAD ALL LOGS to download a .json file that contains all system log entries.

Last modified July 21, 2020: add legacy docs back (6bb3bf4a)