Connecting Systems

How to connect to and organize systems in TrueCommand.

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Connecting Systems to TrueCommand

To connect a system to TrueCommand, open the Configure menu and click Systems. This menu is organized into three tabs: Systems, System Groups, and Discovered Systems. These tabs contain all the options to connect and organize systems in TrueCommand. All added systems are listed in the Systems tab with the current connection status.

Adding an Automatically Detected System

The Discovered Systems tab has a list of all the systems TrueCommand has detected on the local network.

Click the plus to connect that system to TrueCommand. This requires entering a nickname and password for the system.

Adding a System Manually

To manually connect a new system, open the Systems tab and click + NEW SYSTEM.

Enter the system IP address or DNS hostname, nickname, and password. If a mistake is made, the contents of the fields can be reset by clicking RESET FORM.

Adjusting Systems

Systems that have been misconfigured with something like an incorrect password show as offline in both the TrueCommand Dashboard and Systems list.

You can edit a system from the systems list and enter new connection details. To go back to the original contents of the fields, click RESET FORM.

To remove a system from TrueCommand monitoring, click delete.

Organizing Systems into Groups

Groups are collections of systems that are organized by TrueCommand administrators. Grouping systems allows efficient management of system permissions and reporting.

Open the System Groups tab to view the list of created groups and the systems they contain. Groups are created by clicking Configure (Gear) ‣ Systems ‣ + NEW GROUP. Enter a name for the new group and click ADD SYSTEM to add a system to the group. When all the desired systems are added to the group, click CREATE GROUP.

Editing a group allows updating the group name or changing which systems are members of that group.

To delete a system group, click Delete (Trash Can). Confirm the deletion by clicking YES.

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