Mini Network Port IDs

TrueNAS SCALE enumerates interface names using PCI locations. By default, SCALE systems identify their network ports with eno or enp followed by a number.


The expandable boxes below contain tables that list the default SCALE identification for Mini systems and any add-on networking cards qualified by iXsystems for use with Mini systems.

Mini E+ and Mini X

IntegratedPort 0: enp4s0f0
Port 1: enp4s0f1
Port 2: enp6s0f0
Port 3: enp6s0f0
IntegratedPort 0: enp3s0f0
Port 1: enp3s0f1
Port 2: enp5s0f0
Port 3: enp5s0f1

X+, XL+, and Mini R

IntegratedPort 0: eno1
Port 1: eno2
SR 40GbE x2Port 0: enp2s0f4
Port 1: enp2s0f4d1