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Task Manager

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Last Modified 2022-08-16 14:21 EDT

The Task Manager displays a list of tasks performed by the TrueNAS system. It starts with the most recent. Click the assignment to open the Task Manager.


FilterSearch function to locate or filter the list for a particular running task.
View LogsTasks with log file output have a View Logs button to show the log files.
StateColumn header for tasks that shows the current condition of the task. Indicates whether the task completed or is still in progress. Click State to sort by this column.
MethodColumn header for tasks that indicates both the name of the task and the method used. Click Method to sort by this column.
ProgressColumn header for tasks that indicates the progress of the the task. Measured by percentage from start to completion. Click Progress to sort by this column.
CLOSECloses the Task Manager dialog. Click anywhere off the dialog or use the Esc to close this dialog.

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