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View Enclosure

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Last Modified 2022-09-15 14:41 EDT
Only compatible TrueNAS hardware and expansion shelves available from iXsystems allow seeing the View Enclosure option. To learn more about available iXsystems products, see the TrueNAS Systems Overview or browse the Hardware documentation.

Click an enclosure to show details about that hardware.

System View Enclosure ES102

DisksShows a graphic representation of the TrueNAS hardware and details about connected disks.
CoolingShows the current status and RPM of each connected fan.
Enclosure Services Controller ElectronicsShows the enclosure status.
Power SupplyShows details about each power supply.
SAS ConnectorShows the status of the SAS connector components.
Temperature SensorShows the current temperature of each expansion shelf and the disk chassis.
Voltage SensorShows the current voltage for each sensor, VCCP, and VCC.
EDIT LABELRenames the selected enclosure.
SHOW POOLSHighlights disks in pools.
SHOW STATUSHighlights failed disks.
SHOW EXPANDER STATUSShows SAS expander statuses.

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