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Last Modified 2023-05-26 11:36 EDT

The web interface has a web shell that makes it convenient to run command line tools from the web browser as the root user.


The prompt shows that the current user is root@truenas, the host name is truenas, and the current working directory is ~, where root is the user, truenas is the home directory of the logged-in user, and the sysmbol between the square brackets is the working directory.

The Shell screen includes three UI elements:

UI ElementDescription
Set font size sliderAdjusts the size of text displayed in the shell main area.
RESTORE DEFAULTResets the shell font and size.
?Displays the shell tooltip with helpful information about the screen. For example, CTRL+C kills a foreground process. It also lists built-in utilities such as: Iperf, Netperf, IOzone, arcsat, tw_cli, MegaCli, freenas-debug, tmux, and Dmidecode.

Shell command history is available for the current session.

The default shell for a new installations is zsh. See Changing the Default Shell for instructions on changing to a different shell.

See Using Shell for information on navigating in shell, typing commands, and other general instructions.

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