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WebDAV Screen

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Last Modified 2022-05-08 17:09 EDT

Use the Sharing WebDAV screen to configure WebDAV on your TrueNAS.


Use COLUMNS to change the columns displayed in the table. Options are Select All, Description, Path, Enabled, Read Only, Change User and Group Owners or Reset to Defaults.

Use ADD to open the WebDAV configuration screen.


NameEnter a name for the share.
PathBrowse to the pool or dataset to share.
Read OnlySet to prohibit users from writing to this share.
Change User & Group OwnershipChange existing ownership of all files in the share to user webdav and group webdav. If checkmark cleared, you must manually set ownership of files accessed through WebDAV to the webdav or www user/group.
EnabledSelect to enable this WebDAV share. Leave checkbox clear to disable this WebDAV share without deleting it.

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