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WebDAV Services Screen

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Last Modified 2023-05-26 11:36 EDT

The WebDAV protocol contains extensions to HTTP. These extensions expand the capabilities of a webserver. It can act as a collaborative authoring and management tool for web content. Use the Services WebDAV screen to enable WebDAV services on your TrueNAS.

Click ADD to open the WebDAV settings screen.


General Options

ProtocolSelect the protocol from the dropdown list. HTTP keeps the connection unencrypted. HTTPS encrypts the connection. HTTP+HTTPS allows both types of connections.
HTTP PortSpecify a port for unencrypted connections. The default port 8080 is recommended. Do not reuse a port.
HTTP AuthenticationSelect the HTTP authentication type from the dropdown list. Basic Authentication is unencrypted. Digest Authentication is encrypted. Select No Authentication when you don’t want to use authentication.
Webdav PasswordChange the default of davtest as davtest is a known value.

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