TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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The Users screen lets you create and manage user accounts.

Users List


Filter UsersFilters users by keyword.
COLUMNSLets users display/hide list columns. Username, UID, Builtin, and Full Name are default.
ADDOpens the User ID and Groups form
Displays/hides built-in users
UsernameDescriptive name for the user.
UIDUser ID number.
BuiltinWhether or not the user is built-in.
Full NameShows the saved Full Name of the account.

User Configuration

Fields with an * must be configured to submit or change the UI configuration.



Full NameDescriptive name for the user.
UsernameUser login name.
EmailUser email address.
PasswordUser login password.
Confirm PasswordRe-enter user password.

User ID and Groups

User IDA unique number used to identify a user.
New Primary GroupCreates a new group with the same name as the user.
Primary GroupPrimary group to add the user to.
Auxiliary GroupsAdditional groups to add the user to.

Directories and Permissions

Home DirectoryPath to the user home directory.
Home Directory PermissionsDefault user home directory Unix permissions.


SSH Public KeyPublic SSH key for key-based authentication.
Disable PasswordEnables/Disables password field.
ShellThe shell to use for local and SSH logins.
Lock UserPrevents user from logging in or using password-based services.
Permit SudoEnable or disable issuing commands as the root account with sudo.
Microsoft AccountAllows Windows authentication methods.
Samba AuthenticationLets users authenticate to Samba shares.