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Last Modified 2022-12-05 12:41 EST

The Groups screen lets you create and manage UNIX-style groups.

Groups List


Filter GroupsFilters groups by keyword.
COLUMNSLets users display/hide list columns.
ADDOpens the Group Configuration form
Displays/hides built-in groups
GroupGroup name.
GIDGroup ID number.
BuiltinWhether or not the group is built-in.
Permit SudoWhether or not the group has Permit Sudo enabled.
Samba AuthenticationWhether or not the group has Samba Authentication enabled.

Groups Configuration

Fields with an * must be configured to submit or change the UI configuration.


GIDA unique number used to identify a Unix group.
NameDescriptive name for the group.
Permit SudoAllows group members to act as the root account with sudo. Group members are prompted for their password when using sudo.
Samba AuthenticationAllows group to be used for Samba permissions and authentication.
Allow Duplicate GIDsAllows more than one group to have the same group ID.

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