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NTP Servers

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Last Modified 2021-07-30 09:07 EDT

Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers sync the local system time with an accurate external reference. By default, new installations use several existing NTP servers. TrueNAS supports adding custom NTP servers.

Adding a Custom NTP Server

Go to System > NTP Servers to view, edit, or remove NTP Servers:


Several default servers are listed. To register a new server, click ADD and configure the options.


NTP Server Settings

AddressEnter the hostname or IP address of the NTP server.
BurstRecommended when Max. Poll is greater than 10. Only use on personal NTP servers or those under direct control. Do not enable when using public NTP servers.
IBurstSpeeds up the initial synchronization (seconds instead of minutes).
PreferShould only be used for highly accurate NTP servers such as those with time monitoring hardware.
Min PollThe minimum polling interval, in seconds, as a power of 2. For example, 6 means 2^6, or 64 seconds. The default is 6, minimum value is 4.
Max PollThe maximum polling interval, in seconds, as a power of 2. For example, 10 means 2^10, or 1,024 seconds. The default is 10, maximum value is 17.
ForceForces the addition of the NTP server, even if it is currently unreachable.