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Last Modified 2021-07-30 09:07 EDT

An automatic script sends a nightly email to the administrator (root) account containing important information such as the health of the disks. Alert events are also emailed to the root user account. Configure the system to send these emails to the administrator’s remote email account for fast awareness and resolution of any critical issues.

Scrub Task issues and S.M.A.R.T. reports are mailed separately to the address configured in those services.

TrueNAS Root Email Address

Before configuring anything else, set the root account email address. Go to Accounts > Users, click and Edit for the root user. In the Email field, enter a remote email address that is regularly monitored by the system administrator, like admin@example.com and click SAVE.

Email Options

The remaining configuration is done from System > Email.

General Options

From EmailThe user account Email address to use for the envelope From email address. The user account Email in Accounts > Users > Edit must be configured first.
From NameThe friendly name to show in front of the sending email address. Example: Storage System 01<it@example.com>

Send Mail Method

SMTPShows SMTP configuration options.
GMail OAuthShows GMail authentication options.

Changing the Send Mail Method shows different options:

System Email SMTP Options

Outgoing Mail ServerHostname or IP address of SMTP server used for sending email.
Mail Server PortSMTP port number. Typically 25/465 (secure SMTP), or 587 (submission).
SecurityChoose an encryption type. Choices are Plain (No Encryption), SSL (Implicit TLS), or TLS (STARTTLS).
SMTP AuthenticationSet when the SMTP server uses authentication credentials. Shows additional credentials options.
UsernameEnter the SMTP username when the SMTP server requires authentication.
PasswordEnter the SMTP account password if needed for authentication. Only plain text characters (7-bit ASCII) are allowed in passwords. UTF or composed characters are not allowed.

To use Gmail OAuth, select the option and click LOG IN TO GMAIL.


Log into a GMail account as normal for TrueNAS to autoconfigure the connection to GMail.

Click SEND TEST MAIL to verify the configured email settings are working. If the test email fails, double-check that the Email field of the root user is correctly configured by clicking the Edit button for the root account in Accounts > Users.