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A snapshot is a read-only copy of a file system or volume. Snapshots require little disk space and can be used to restore a datastore to an earlier point in time. See Overview of ZFS Snapshots for more details.

To create a snapshot, select a datastore from the list and click Create Snapshot. Enter a name for the snapshot. Click Create. Existing snapshots populate the Snapshot menu.

Snapshot Menu

This list shows all manually or automatically created snapshots. Create snapshots in the Datastore and Scheduling menus.


Revert resets a datastore to the state saved by the selected snapshot. Any changes to the datastore made after the snapshot was created are lost. To revert a datastore, highlight a snapshot and click Revert. Confirm the action by clicking Yes in the popup dialog. vCenter reverts the datastore to the state saved in that snapshot.

Remove snapshots by clicking Delete and confirming the action.

Scheduling Periodic Snapshots

The Scheduling tab is used to create, edit, and delete periodic snapshot schedules. Schedules are synchronized between vCenter and the individual TrueNAS web interface. Click + to begin creating a new snapshot schedule.


Datastoredropdown menuThe datastore to snapshot. Choose a created datastore from the drop-down list.
RecursivecheckboxSet to include child datasets in the snapshot.
Lifetimeinteger and dropdown menuThe amount of time to keep snapshots created by this schedule. Enter a number and choose a unit of time from the drop-down.
Begindropdown menuWhen the schedule can begin snapshotting the datastore. Choose a time from the dropdown.
Enddropdown menuWhen the schedule can no longer start snapshotting the datastore. Choose a time from the drop-down. A schedule that is already running can continue past this time.
Intervaldropdown menuHow often a new snapshot is created between the Begin and End times. Choose a preconfigured interval from the drop-down.
WeekdayscheckboxesDays of the week this task is allowed to run.
EnablecheckboxActivate this periodic snapshot schedule.

Click OK to save the configured schedule and add it to the Configure > Scheduling list. If the new schedule is not immediately visible, click Refresh to update the screen. Selecting a schedule and clicking Edit opens a configuration window for that schedule. Make any needed adjustments, then click Save to save the updated schedule.