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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

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Last Modified 2021-02-26 11:28 EST

An administrator can grant vCenter users specific role-based access to the TrueNAS systems managed by this plugin.


Role NameUser is allowed to:
DiscoverAdd TrueNAS systems to vCenter
Create ClonesCopy existing datastores
Create StorageCreate new datastores
Modify StorageEdit existing datastores
Destroy StorageDelete datastores

Each role gives the user the ability to perform the functions in that role and all of the roles that precede it in the list. For example, a user with a Create Storage role can create a new datastore and clone existing datastores. The vCenter administrator account always has all permissions.

New vCenter users must be created in Menu > Administration > Single Sign On > Users and Groups.

Add a Role to an Existing vCenter User

Click + to open the Add Role Based Access Control window. Type a user name in the form DOMAIN.NAME\username, where DOMAIN.NAME is the user Domain found in the vCenter Menu > Administration > Single Sign On > Users and Groups page. Open the Assign Role drop-down menu and choose a role for the user. Click Add to add the role.

If the entry does not appear in the list immediately, click Refresh.