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Global Configuration

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Last Modified 2021-03-23 09:36 EDT

Network > Global Configuration has all the general TrueNAS networking settings that are not specific to any interface.

Disruptive Change

Making changes to the network interface the web interface uses can result in losing connection to TrueNAS! Fixing any misconfigured network settings might require command line knowledge or physical access to the TrueNAS system.

Global Configuration Settings


Options are organized into several categories.

Many of these Interface, DNS, and Gateway options are also configured in the Console Setup Menu. Be sure to check both locations when troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

Hostname and Domain

Many of these fields have default values, but can be changed to meet requirements of the local network. The Hostname and Domain display in the Dashboard > System Information card. Some options only display when the appropriate hardware is present.

HostnamestringHost name of first TrueNAS controller. Upper and lower case alphanumeric, ., and - characters are allowed.
Hostname (TrueNAS Controller 2)stringHost name of second TrueNAS controller (for HA only). Upper and lower case alphanumeric, ., and - characters are allowed.
Hostname (Virtual)stringVirtual host name. When using a virtualhost, this is also used as the Kerberos principal name. Enter the fully qualified hostname plus the domain name. Upper and lower case alphanumeric, ., and - characters are allowed.
DomainstringSystem domain name.
Additional DomainsstringAdditional domains to search. Separate entries by pressing Enter. Adding search domains can cause slow DNS lookups

Service Announcement

NetBIOS-NScheckboxLegacy NetBIOS name server. Advertises the SMB service NetBIOS Name. Can be required for legacy SMB1 clients to discover the server. When advertised, the server appears in Network Neighborhood.
mDNScheckboxMulticast DNS. Uses the system Hostname to advertise enabled and running services. For example, this controls if the server appears under Network on MacOS clients.
WS-DiscoverycheckboxUses the SMB Service NetBIOS Name to advertise the server to WS-Discovery clients. This causes the computer to appear in the Network Neighborhood of modern Windows OSes.

DNS Servers

Nameserver 1IP addressPrimary DNS server.
Nameserver 2IP addressSecondary DNS server.
Nameserver 3IP addressTertiary DNS server.

Default Gateway

IPv4 Default GatewayIP addressTypically not set. If set, used instead of the default gateway provided by DHCP
IPv6 Default GatewayIP addressTypically not set.

Other Settings

HTTP ProxystringEnter the proxy information for the network in the format http://my.proxy.server:3128 or http://user:password@my.proxy.server:3128.
Enable Netwait FeaturecheckboxSetting this prevents network services from starting until the interface can ping the addresses listed in the Netwait IP list.
Netwait IP ListstringOnly appears when Enable Netwait Feature is set. Enter a list of IP addresses to ping. Separate entries by pressing Enter. Each address is tried until one is successful or the list is exhausted. Leave empty to use the default gateway.
Host Name DatabasestringUsed to add one entry per line which will be appended to /etc/hosts. Separate entries by pressing Enter. Use the format IP_address space hostname where multiple hostnames can be used if separated by a space. Hosts defined here are still accessible by name even when DNS is not available. See hosts for additional information.