TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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Configuring the System Email

An automatic script sends a nightly email to the administrator (root) account containing important information such as the health of the disks. TrueNAS also emails alert events to the root user account. Configure the system to send these emails to the administrator’s remote email account for fast awareness and resolution of any critical issues.

Configure the Root Email Address

Go to Accounts > Users, click next to the root user, then click Edit. Enter a remote email address in the Email field that the system administrator regularly monitors, then click SAVE.

Configuring user email addresses follows the same process.

Configure the System Email

Go to System > Email and enter a From Name for system emails.

Next, select a Send Mail Method and fill out the remaining fields (SMTP) or log in (GMail OAuth).

Click SEND TEST MAIL to verify the configured email settings are working. If the test email fails, double-check that the root user Email field is correctly configured.