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Configuring FTP

FTP Connections

FTP connections cannot share connections with other accounts, such as SMB connections. FTP connections need a new dataset and local user account.

Go to Storage > Pools to add a new dataset.


See Creating Datasets for information on how to create the dataset. After this step is completed, the new dataset appears nested beneath the pool.


Next, go to Accounts > Users > Add to create a local user on the TrueNAS.


Assign a user name and password. Link the new dataset for the FTP share as the home directory of the user. Link the new dataset for the FTP share on a per user basis, or create a global account for FTP. Example: OurOrgFTPacnt, etc.

Return to Storage > Pools, find the new dataset, and click > Edit Permissions. In the Owner fields, select the new user account as the User and Group from the dropdown list. Be sure to select Apply User and Apply Group before saving.


Service Configuration

To configure FTP, go to the Services page, find the FTP entry, and click the .


Configure the options according to your environment and security considerations. See FTP Screen

Advanced Options

Enable chroot to help confine FTP sessions to a local user home directory and allow Local User Login.

Unless necessary, do not allow anonymous or root access. For better security, enable TLS when possible. This is effectively FTPS. Enable TLS when FTP involves a WAN.

FTP Connection

Use a browser or FTP client to connect to the TrueNAS FTP share. The images here show using FileZilla, a free option.

The user name and password are those of the local user account on the TrueNAS. The default directory is the same as the user /home directory. After connecting, you can create directories and upload or download files.