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Managing Jails

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Last Modified 2022-05-09 13:57 EDT

The Jails screen displays a list of jails installed on your system.


Jail status messages and command output are stored in /var/log/iocage.log.

Applying Operations to Multiple Jails

Operations can be applied to multiple jails by selecting those jails with the checkboxes on the left. After selecting one or more jails, icons display which can be used on the selected jails:

starts jails

stops jails

updates jails

deletes jails

To see more information such as IPV4, IPV6, jail TYPE, and whether it is a TEMPLATE or BASEJAIL click > to expand a jail. Additional options for that jail also display.

For more information on jail options see Creating Jails

Modifying Jail IP Addresses

To modify the IP address information for a jail, click the for the jail and then EDIT instead of issuing the networking commands directly from the command line of the jail. This ensures changes are saved and survive a jail or TrueNAS reboot.

Updating and Upgrading Jails

To updata a jail to the most current patch level of the installed FreeBSD release, click > to expand the jail and then click Update. This does not change the release. For example, a jail installed with FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE can update to p15 or the latest patch of 11.2, but not an 11.3-RELEASE-p# version of FreeBSD.

Using Upgrade replaces the jail FreeBSD operating system with a new release of FreeBSD, such as taking a jail from FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE to 11.3-RELEASE. To upgrade a jail, stop it, open the TrueNAS Shell and enter command iocage upgrade name -r release, where name is the plugin jail name and release is the desired FreeBSD release.

It is possible to manually remove unused releases from the /iocage/releases/ dataset after upgrading a jail.

The release must not be in use by any jail on the system!

Additional Information

For information on Jails screens and how to add or manage jails see:

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