TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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Jails, Plugins, and VMs

TrueNAS CORE has a number of different features for deploying or using supplemental software on top of the CORE operating system. The articles contained here describe and guide through deploying and using these features.


  • Jails: Information on creating jails, and articles related to jails, plugins and virtual machines in TrueNAS CORE.

  • Plugins: How to install plugins in TrueNAS CORE, and more articles.

    • MinIO Plugin: Describes how to configure the MinIO plugin on TrueNAS CORE and gives migration instructions from the deprecated S3 built-in service.

    • Plex Plugin: Describes how to install the Plex application as a plugin on TrueNAS CORE.

    • Custom Plugins: Describes how to configure plugins on TrueNAS CORE.

  • Updating Jails and Plugins: Describes how to update jails and plugins in TrueNAS CORE.

    • Virtual Machines: Provides instructions on creating and managing a basic virtual machine, and lists other tutorials about virtual machines in TrueNAS CORE.