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Getting Support

There are several options to get support for your TrueNAS installation. TrueNAS CORE users can engage with the TrueNAS community to answer questions and resolve issues. TrueNAS Enterprise hardware customers can also access the fast and effective support directly provided by iXsystems.

TrueNAS CORE users are welcome to report bugs and vote for or suggest new TrueNAS features in the project Jira instance. Have questions? We recommend searching through the software documentation and community resources for answers.

Reporting a Bug

If you encounter a bug or other issue while using TrueNAS, create a bug report in the TrueNAS Jira Project. The web interface provides a form to report issues without logging out. We recommend searching the project first to see if another user already reported the issue. You must have a Jira account to create a bug ticket.

To report an issue using the web interface, go to System > Support.

Writing a Bug Report
Figure 1: Writing a Bug Report

Enter your Jira Username and Password to verify your account credentials and unlock the SUBMIT button. The Category dropdown has a large number of options. Choose the category that best fits where you encountered the issue.

Attaching a debug file and screenshot(s) to your bug ticket is generally recommended to help find the bug and speed up response. Select Attach Debug to automatically generate a new debug and privately attach it to the issue. Private debug attachments are only visible to iXsystems engineering staff.

Keep the Subject brief and informative. Having a short, descriptive subject allows the community to easily find and respond to your issue. The Description should contain more details about the problem. We recommend keeping the description less than three paragraphs and including any steps to reproduce the issue.

Creating a Debug File

The TrueNAS web interface lets users save debugging information to a text file.

On TrueNAS CORE systems, go to System > Advanced and click SAVE DEBUG.

Click PROCEED to generate the debug file (might take a few minutes). After generating the debug file, TrueNAS prompts you to download it to your local system and saves a copy in /var/tmp/fndebug.

The freenas-debug command-line utility collects debugging information.

Debug files contain log files which can include personal information such as usernames, networking configuration, device serial numbers, or other identifying information about your system. Files uploaded to an issue from the System > Support screen using Attach Debug or through the Jira Private File Upload service are only visible to iXsystems engineers. The iXsystems Privacy Policy contains a detailed statement of our commitment to data privacy.

Always store debug files in a secure location. Please review debugs and redact any sensitive information before sharing with external entities. Use a file archiver utility, such as 7-zip, to open compressed debug archives and review log contents.

Suggesting New Features

Want to see a new feature added to TrueNAS? You can see and vote for community-proposed features in the TrueNAS Jira project and make your feature suggestions here. If you find a suggestion that you want to see implemented, open that ticket and click Vote for this issue in the People section.

To suggest a new feature, go to, log in to your Jira account, and click Create.

Briefly describe the new feature you would like to see added in the Summary section. After creating your feature suggestion, it moves to the Gathering Interest stage, where the community can review and vote for the feature. After gathering enough interest, the TrueNAS Release Council reviews the suggestion for feasibility and determines where to add the feature in the software roadmap.

TrueNAS Community

The TrueNAS Community is an active online resource for asking questions, troubleshooting issues, and sharing information with other TrueNAS users. You must register to post.

We encourage new users to briefly review the forum rules and helpful tips before posting.

Community Resources are user-contributed articles about every facet of using TrueNAS. They are organized into broad categories and incorporate a community rating system to better highlight content that the whole community has found helpful.

Social Media

You are always welcome to network with other TrueNAS users using the various social media platforms!

TrueNAS Enterprise

TrueNAS Enterprise
Proactive Support and the Contact Support options below are only available on TrueNAS Enterprise licensed systems. Contact the iXsystems Sales Team to inquire about purchasing TrueNAS Enterprise licenses.

In addition to all the TrueNAS CORE support options, TrueNAS Enterprise customers who purchase hardware from iXsystems can receive assistance from iXsystems if an issue occurs.

Silver and Gold level Support customers can also enable Proactive Support on their hardware to automatically notify iXsystems if an issue occurs. To find more details about the different Warranty and Service Level Agreement (SLA) options available, see

Production System Reporting

Once the system is ready to be in production, update the status by checking the This is a production system checkbox and click the Update Status button. This will send an email to iXsystems declaring that the system is in production. TrueNAS has an option to include a debug with the email that could assist support in the future.

Configuring Proactive Support

Proactive Support notifies iXsystems by email whenever hardware conditions on the system require attention. This feature is available to iXsystems Silver and Gold Support customers.

Proactive Support: Enterprise
Figure 5: Proactive Support: Enterprise

Be sure to add valid email addresses and phone numbers for the contacts to be quickly notified of any issues.

You can also toggle automatic iXsystems support alerts in the system console menu with /etc/netcli. Failover must be disabled in TrueNAS High Availability systems before this option can be toggled. To administratively disable failover in the web interface, go to System > Failover.

Filing a Support Ticket

TrueNAS Enterprise customers can file tickets directly with iXsystems Support by going to System > Support.

Support Contact: Enterprise
Figure 6: Support Contact: Enterprise

Be sure to enter a valid Email and Phone number. iXsystems Support uses this information to quickly respond to and resolve the issue. You can also indicate the system’s current use and identify how critical the issue is to system usability.

We recommend always attaching a debug and screenshots to help speed up diagnosing and resolving the issue. Select Attach Debug to automatically generate a new debug and privately attach it to the issue. Private debug attachments are only visible to iXsystems engineering staff.

An informative Subject and Description that briefly describes the problem and if there are any steps to reproduce the issue is also helpful.

Clicking SUBMIT generates and sends the support ticket to iXsystems. This process can take several minutes while information is collected and sent. TrueNAS sends an email alert if ticket creation fails while Proactive Support is active.

After the creating the new ticket, TrueNAS displays the ticket URL for viewing or updating with more information. You must have an iXsystems Support account to view the ticket. Click the URL to log in or register with the support portal. Use the same email address submitted with the ticket when registering.

Contacting iXsystems Support

Customers who purchase iXsystems hardware or that want additional support must have a support contract to use iXsystems Support Services. The TrueNAS Community forums provides free support for users without an iXsystems Support contract.

iXsystems Customer Support
Support Portal
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