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Setting ACL Permissions for Jailed Applications

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Last Modified 2023-05-26 11:36 EDT

Various Plugin jails require permissions to access datasets.

Unless otherwise modified, a dataset is owned by the user root and group wheel. Jailed processes like Plex run as their own user. As a result, a default installation of the Plex plugin cannot read or write any datasets and thus cannot access media files stored in those datasets. The TrueNAS user must explicitly configure dataset permissions to allow the plugin to use the dataset.

Creating a Dataset Access Control List

To create a dataset Access Control List (ACL) for an application, you need to obtain the Application user ID. For example, the Plex ID is 972.

Other popular Plugin user IDs include:

  • Radarr = 352
  • Sonarr = 351
  • Transmission = 921
  • Sabnzbd = 350

To create an ACL for a dataset, log in to the UI and go to Storage > Pools. Click the three dot icon and select Edit Permissions. Click the Add ACL Item button to create a new entry. New entries appear at the bottom of the list of existing ACL items.

Continuing with Plex as our example, we would enter the following:

Who: User
User: 972 (Don't worry if it says "Could not find a username for this ID")
ACL Type: Allow
Permissions Type:
Basic Permissions: Read
Flags Type: Basic
Flags: Inherit


If files already exist in the dataset, click the Apply permissions recursively checkbox and click Save.

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