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CORE Tutorials

Welcome to TrueNAS CORE tutorials!

This guide collects various how-tos for both simple and complex tasks using primarily the TrueNAS web interface. Tutorials are organized parallel to the TrueNAS web interface structure and grouped by topic. Tutorials are living articles and continually updated with new content or additional in-depth tutorials that guide in unlocking the full potential of TrueNAS.

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Table of Contents

  • ⎙ Download or Print: View all CORE tutorials as a single html file suitable for download or print.

  • Task Manager: Use the Task Manager screen to display a list of tasks performed by your TrueNAS and to view logs related to system tasks.

  • Getting Support: Describes different options for getting support for TrueNAS CORE.

  • Setting Up Users and Groups: Describes how to set up users and groups in TrueNAS CORE.

  • System Configuration: Tutorials about a wide variety of TrueNAS system management topics.

  • Changing the Default Shell: Describes how to change the default shell on TrueNAS CORE.

  • Community Guides: Additional tutorials written by the TrueNAS Community about TrueNAS CORE configuration and use cases.

  • Managing TLS Ciphers: Describes how to manage TLS ciphers on TrueNAS CORE.

  • Tasks: Tutorial articles about a wide variety of TrueNAS system tasks.

  • Network: Provides information on using the Network Summary screen and lists other tutorials related to configuring CORE networking.

  • Storage: Tutorials about different TrueNAS storage management topics.

  • Directory Services: Accessing Directory Services on your TrueNAS

  • Sharing: Tutorials for configuring different storage sharing protocols in TrueNAS.

  • Services: Provides information on the Services screen and lists other service tutorial articles.

  • Jails, Plugins, and VMs: Tutorials about configuring TrueNAS CORE jails, specialized jails called plugins, and virtual machines for full operating system deployments.

  • Updating CORE: Tutorials for updating or upgrading a TrueNAS CORE system.

  • Setting UI Preferences: Use the Interface Preferences screen to display a list of general preferences or to change preference settings for your TrueNAS.